[Release] vRP Framework


I’m really sorry to hear that @Imagic


I’m more than up for getting together for a chat in order to make this work for both of us, I have no intention (nor did I) of making you lose faith in your project, what ever I can do to remedy this for you, I will.

I’ve sent you a DM on Discord, we’ll go from there.


No problem, but I insist, it’s not just about you. I think it’s a community problem, there is not enough organization around resources.
If you want to follow vRP master, it’s a good thing, but you will still have a lot of work adapting everything. I don’t think the goal of a community is doing everything yourself, that is one of the problem I have about the situation.


You just have to think about it in terms of reads and writes; more often than not, public resources are consumed by non-developers who just want to get up and running quickly.

Developers will tend to write their own from scratch rather than use an existing framework in FiveM- your user-base who are able to actively contribute to the code base is likely very, very small. This is the nature of writing a resource that is, more-or-less, “plug and play”; just like ESX, the user base tends to be folks who have little to no experience writing software but are more interested in getting something that 'just works’™.

If you just wrote components needed to create actual features (creating a “Player”/“Inventory” model/controller) rather than the end-use (the actual ‘job’ that utilizing the “Player”) I bet you may see more actual developers using and contributing to vRP.

Otherwise, if you’re wanting to get more folks to contribute, I would suggest that maybe you utilize github’s bug/issue tracking system quite a bit, so that issues/feature-ideas you may be working on are known publicly rather than only known to those sitting in the ‘community Discord’ (Discord shouldn’t ever be required or even used for the actual issue tracking - just for general discussion).

Best of luck! Hope to see you stick around despite this post - remember that taking a break is never a bad thing to clear your head.


Just to correct a few insinuated things:

vRP has always been what you’re describing here, it’s a framework. It could be more flexible but it is already generic by design.

Same, I don’t answer to any issues (except when beta testing with people) not coming from GitHub, as written on the project page AND the discord. Most people seem to fix those issues for themselves without reporting them on GitHub and others just spam the issue everywhere except on GitHub. Only a few people are actually reporting issues on GitHub.


Oh I know; I’m more speaking towards the audience who use vRP and ESX - both attract an audience of folks who don’t care to learn scripting but just ‘want a server’ - from what I’ve seen, it’s rare to see a developer use either framework as they normally just write their own.

And I actually think you’ve done very well with flexibility - besides your design as a whole, I actually really admire some of the ‘little things’ you’ve done; the re-implementation of require() made me grin. Not many folks who use the framework (like I said above) would appreciate those nuances though.

Same, I don’t answer to any issues (except when beta testing with people) not coming from GitHub, as written on the project page AND the discord. Most people seem to fix those issues for themselves without reporting them on GitHub and others just spam the issue everywhere except on GitHub. Only a few people are actually reporting issues on GitHub.

I’m curious, what do you feel would be the fix for these issues you are facing then? I know you’re not happy about the state of things and why as you said above, but I’m more curious what you feel would alleviate it? Would it mainly be resolved by primary forks (like Dunko’s) getting in-line with your upstream? Or if you want more developers to help, how do you suggest that would happen?


My opinion is the best version of vRP, much more stable … If people had more interest in migrating, it would be much better. Of course, for people who have no sense in fixing migration errors, they will feel headache when using the old resources in this new version. Once again, @Imagic congratulations for your work.


I don’t think there is a simple solution, I could list things that could be improved IMHO, but it’s hard when the problem is about behavior; education is a long process and when you have bad habits, it’s also hard to change them. It’s why my first message was more informative than a complaint to do something.

The fork issue you’re talking about is one of those problems, I said to Dunko that following vRP updates would improve things, but that I can’t guarantee that I will be motivated again (and it also depends on people using vRP to stay up-to-date).


Had this for over a year now… still dont know… is it VEE RP or Five RP??? I’m really stoned lol


I LOVE vRP because it offers nothing the other frameworks offer which is consistency with what role play matters as a whole, which is a complete frame work, containing full vehicle control to trunk storage to engine ignition!
Inventory management so easy my 8 year nephew can understand how to use it… This is just a tiny part of it and i hope u choose to continue work on it cause i cant wait for another update!!!

I don’t understand why anyone would want to use a old version of vRP, what is the point, who would want to stay out of date in any generation…
Its like a windows xp user trying to defend not upgrading to win 7…


BradXY do u know how to download this vRP Framework


I really want this framework but no one knows how to install it ! i told someone that he should download this for me and he downloaded physco :expressionless: can someone please install this for me


It’s really simple though…
Download it, install MariaDB or some other database, get some database software, drop the VRP folders into ressources, add it to server.cfg, change the database-details in the vrp/cfg/base.lua file.


but i get toons of errors


Hi i try to set money display to example 10.000 insted of 10000 with a dot. how can i do this ? :slight_smile:


I would like to know this too, I believe you would need to change something in the span class with the money display in vrp/cfg/lang/en.lua but what I am not sure


Did you happen to reference the installation guide?

Click here…


I really hate to be a pain in the ass for you. But this reminds me so vividly about what made me start my own fork.

I’ll just give this to illustrate: there is an option in garage menu of vRP to place nearest vehicle on the ground properly. It calls to method SetVehicleOnGroundProperly(), quite literally. In your english translation, the description to this method says: “Replace nearest vehicle on the ground”. Which, in English, is quite misleading. I pull-requested a fix of this translation: “Place nearest vehicle back on the ground”.


The translation is still not fixed.

The pull is still being requested.

People don’t report issues on GitHub to you because you don’t listen. So they try to get your attention in a “public space”, where they feel like you will be obliged to respond. But you don’t seem to feel obliged to anything.

I can blame you for other pulls that you rejected or halted when there were no reason do to so: this, for example. You took 8 months to fix this bug. Of course you’ve done so in The Much Better Way. A fix that also implemented a feature requested same 8 months ago.

The community isn’t the problem. You are. Your undesire to cooperate, to actually listen to feedback, to fix bugs that are easy to fix when they are reported, to implement features that are actually requested (like in one of the posts above), to include or adapt code proposed by other developers (damn, girl, look at these explanations!) - to WORK TOGETHER with your community.

You don’t want to work together. You aren’t. You explicitly say so when responding to question about forks that they are an “issue” and “one of those problems”, while completely ignoring the question about contribution from other developers.

Please come down to Earth and help this community create a framework they need.


Hello, I am faced with a problem and I hope you will help me in this.
The problem is that when I start the server (vrp) I get the error “[vRP] DB driver” “not intialized yet (42 prepares cached, 7 queries cached)”. I’ll be grateful if you help me.


Have you installed MYSQL?