[Release] vRP Framework


How to replace standart vRPclient.notify on pNotify? Do I need to prescribe for everyone or can I change the function?


So when I drive a vehicle to the blip it says press e to open the menu when I do that I can see the options but when I go to store it, it does nothing. Any help is appreciated.


have a bug with this 2 players on my server when they join they stay invisible if the other player is in so if on join first the other player is invisible


/dv then select store vehicle, check again and its there. This is how we do it with all emergency vehicles cause the store option does not work. seems to work with non-emergency vehicles tho…


Not sure if this has been done/ asked…

Is there a way to force players to set up an identity upon first time joining?


Where is radio component ?


how to add job miner and fuel


Im using Sighmirs vRP_Garage - vRP_LSCustom - vRP_Showroom, i got a problem how do i add Police/EMS and more more garage with permission inside vRP_Garage? cuz right not im using vrp/garage.lua and all the cars in there wont get saved after ive visit lscustom i really need help with this plz.


I need something to sell the vehicles, any suggestions?


I want to test it, how do we set it up?


This can easily be found on the GitHub. https://github.com/ImagicTheCat/vRP/blob/fxserver/README.md#installation


That’s only vrp, Looking for tut on vrpex…


It’s the same process


Hello. I’m with these errors. Anything missing from my machine? Debian 9.


hello, someone can help me with my lscustoms? my lscustoms don’t save my cars after tunning them


Probably the garage you use does not save, have to use the showroom more a garage that saves the vehicle, but will not have how to sell the vehicle


ok thank you, but you know some mod/script to put the name server on the top of the screen?


Of course, [Release] Simple Watermark


thank u bro, u are amazing


anyone know of any good scripts for any of these things? (VRP server)
.1 - where someone can put in chat /911 and it pings Police or EMS please?
.2 - Cruise control for cars
.3 - A script that reduces the amount of pedestrians?

also something that may also help with server performance