[Release] vrp_fishing_animations



Press F1 to start
When graphic is green hit enter

Add group Fisher to work
Add item fishing_pole

Randomly gives reward that will need to be added to items in vrp

local randomFish = math.random(1,5)
	if randomFish == 2 or randomFish == 4 then

This is not completely mine i modified to for my needs.


Instead of the key binding being ‘F1’, change it to a key that either isn’t used much or isn’t used at all. Most to nearly all servers have menus… which open when you press F1.

Just an idea. It would make the mod a bit better,


If you look in the client the button can be changed rather easily at the top.


I’m trying vrp_fishing_animations and it’s perfect the only problem I do not understand is that I add fisher to a group and he tells me in the game that I’m not fisherman


im sorry its Fisher with capital F I corrected in the main post


@Original_Gamers can I translate the sentences in the language file for you into Italian?