[Release] [vRP] Firefighter Job [Add-on]



Where and how do I actually get the job. I have put the script in and double checked it and still not able to see an additional “*” on the map. The only one is at the EMS job.


This is here the blip. Try teleporting there. It should be down near the Grove Street.



Thank you i will check there


I installed everything exactly like you did, and everything works just fine! Except for the vehicle garage, it is not showing in the station.

Is [“Firefighter”] = {
_config = {vtype=“car”,blipid=61,blipcolor=75,permissions={“ems.vehicle”}},
[“firetruk”] = {“Firefighter’s Truck”,0, “”}

Is “ems.vehicle” Supposed to be there? Or would it be “emergency.vehicle” i tried both and the garage is still not being placed in the map or in the station but everything works just fine, the only reason why im so confused is because in the groups,cfg the permissions say

[“Firefighter”] = {
_config = { gtype = “job”,
onspawn = function(player) vRPclient.notify(player,{“You are a Firefighter, salary : $2500.”}) end
}, <

It shows as “emergency.vehicle” idk i might just be doing something wrong but i am sure i followed as directed.


Never mind it was my fault, i forget a “,” after the vehicle list. lol