[Release] [vRP] Firefighter Job [Add-on]



Dunko’s vRP doesn’t have a Firefighter Job in it. Thats why I added to the Phone Firefighters, a Job with name Firefighters, garage and cloakroom. Everything is fully editable. Due Copyright i’m not sharing Files, I’m sharing the code.

You can call Firefighters and only Firefighters will recevice the call not the EMS Paramedics.
Firefighters have their own garage and cloakroom. You can use modified clothes.


  1. Navigate to resources/vrp/cfg
  2. Open garages.lua
    2.1 Paste this code between two other garage messages
["Firefighter"] = {
    _config = {vtype="car",blipid=61,blipcolor=75,permissions={"ems.vehicle"}},
	["firetruk"] = {"Firefighter's Truck",0, ""}

2.2 Paste this code at the end between to other lines


2.3 Congratulations! You have just installed the garage script.

  1. Open cloakroom.lua
    3.1 Add this on the top at all other "local"s
local fire_male = {model = "s_m_y_fireman_01"}

3.2 Add this between two other messages like in garages.lua

["Firefighter"] = {
    _config = { permissions = {"emergency.cloakroom"} },
    ["Firefighter"] = fire_male,

3.3 Ad this at the end between two other messages


3.4 Congratulations! You have just installed the cloakroom. You can find it on a * Symbol in the bottom of Los Santos. (Rancho)

  1. Open groups.lua (IMPORTANT STEP)
    4.1 Add this between two other messages (between two other jobs)
["Firefighter"] = {
    _config = { gtype = "job",
	onspawn = function(player) vRPclient.notify(player,{"You are a Firefighter, salary : $2500."}) end

4.3 As always, go to bottom and paste it between two other messages.

["Firefighter"] = { 
    _config = {x = 216.48849487304, y = -1640.3049316406, z = 29.59056854248, blipid = 351, blipcolor = 31},

4.4 Congratulations! You have just added the Job Selector at the Rancho Station.

5.1 LAST STEP open phone.lua
5.2 Add this between two other phone calls

 ["Firefighter"] = {
    blipid = 153,
    blipcolor = 1,
    alert_time = 30, -- 5 minutes
    alert_permission = "feuerwehr.service",
    alert_notify = "~r~Firefighter:~n~~s~",
    notify = "~b~You've just called the firefighters.",
    answer_notify = "~g~The Firefighters are responding to your call."

5.3 Congratulations! You have just installed the Phone calls.
6. Congratulations! You have just installed the Firefighter script.

Please note: Installing this script is on your own risk, i’m not obliged to fix your errors. Its from my server and I’m sharing it.




Thanks can u do one for police please? @BienenGaming cheers


In vRP, there’s already a Police Job with garage, cloakroom and everything else you need.


yeah but I get a error on mine comes up with proxy error or something similar. I have put numours posts out but no replies? I even been on discord but nothing.


It can be only a mistake, i guess you will need to try a reinstallation of vRP or contact dunko, he made the Police Script.


plus when I walk into the station some of the blips don’t work the only one that do is the weapon one. The ones in the car park where u get the police cars etc don’t work I don’t now why? Thanks in advance.


Are they visible and you can’t use them?
Then press K or F9 (don’t know where you have main menu), go “Admin” “Add group” then your ID (as default 1) and press Tab, then type in “cop” and press Tab. Then you have Police permissions. To get ems permissions, use ems.


yeah they are visible but cant use them unfortunately. I will try the f9 button later on.


K or F9 is the key for the Interection Menu, important Menu in vRP.


ok I give that a shot man thanks I take it I need to do /copadd 1 for example to add myself as cop or not? cheers


No, vrp doesnt have commands. You need to open the menu, navigate to Admin and Add group.


i have no idea why but the Cloakroom dont work for me


ok i found the error.

in the Cloakroom scrip is firefighters written one time with a uppercase letter and one with not


Hey mate,

I love this job, but I have one problem with it.
When I go to the garage nothing happens, I can see a green marker but when I go on it nothing happens?
Could you please help me out?


nice work thank you for making this


I do have esx_jobs… im able to install in over that fact? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :sweat_smile:
Like i mean i dont have vRP in my FiveM resource folder :smile:


Having a issue. Paycheck work and phone work. But can not spawn fire truck also can not dress up as a firemen. Anyone know what going on :stuck_out_tongue:


need one for ems …


i have the blips and that, i select firefigther nothing happens i select unemplyed that works, what iam i missing


Likely somewhere a spelling mistake. I will check it