[Release] [vRP] [ESX] Hud of thirst and hunger for FiveM (ladderhud)


Hello I made a hud for vRP and ESX, if you have any idea for a script or hud send it to me!


vRP(vRPex): https://github.com/MarmotaGit/vrp_ladderhud
Old vRP(Dunko vRP): https://github.com/MarmotaGit/vrp_ladderhud/tree/old-vrp
ESX: https://github.com/MarmotaGit/esx_ladderhud

Note: Read the README.md on the github page to know how to install and I optimized the vRP version thank you ImagicTheCat!



Sorry I am so bad at names!


Actually a pretty sharp looking HUD. Haven’t looked at the code, but nice looking for sure.

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Looks cool, just wondering if you should have used jQuery for this little code :stuck_out_tongue:

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Moved to #development:releases
And I think you need to remove your discord link because rules and such…

The HUD looks great tho! (:


I only put my discord to someone who want to talk to me more directly because I am online everytime on the discord! Sorry for my bad english!


Look I modified!


When ı load this script my server is freeze in loading screen did u help me ?!


Hmm this is good dude good job


im also getting frozen on loading screen. the food and thirst icons are there and nothing else.


Same i got the same issue


I solved, download now from the github!


Try download again i solved the issue!


loads into game but food and thirst bars are empty and wont fill when i eat or drink


Read the readme of the github!


i did change them like you said


Can you send a print?


me gusta tu trabaja /i love it

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Newest version Not Working : (20181206162249_1