[Release] vrp_drugfarms_noperms [en]



This is not my script! The original script can be found here -=- https://github.com/D3uxx/vrp_drugfarms -=- (permissions given)

I have just removed the permissions and translated the script to english. I have not translated the permissions portion since I am not using it. Uncomment the parts noted in the code and add the below.

Thank you!

Add the following groups to /vrp/cfg/groups.lua

  ["marihuana"] = {
  _config = {onspawn = function(player) vRPclient.notify(player,{"Eres marihuanero."}) end},

  ["blanqueo"] = {
  _config = {onspawn = function(player) vRPclient.notify(player,{"Tu eres un blanqueadero."}) end},

  ["meta"] = {
  _config = {onspawn = function(player) vRPclient.notify(player,{"Eres un metero."}) end},

  ["coke"] = {
  _config = {onspawn = function(player) vRPclient.notify(player,{"Eres un puto cocainomano"}) end},
  ["motero"] = {
  _config = {onspawn = function(player) vRPclient.notify(player,{"Eres un motero."}) end},

marihuana >> allows weed entrance
blanqueo >> money laundering
meta >> meth lab
coke >> coke lab
motero >> biker clubhouse

The coords for everything is in warehouses.lua
It's all commented there, coords and shit.

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Take out the part in green in the warehouse part?


I dont understand what you mean?


I figured it out. Sorry I was confused on how it works


And to add in the end?


? (20 characters min)

  • edit post, look please.


I need to edit the readme sorry. The permissions are not required in my version. Those are needed in the original version, because I only commented out the requirement for permissions, i left the permissions if you wanted to add it back.


So I use the @dunko base, at the base of it has a lab, but it’s only for three types of drugs: LSD, weed and Cocaine.
I wanted to use yours.
I put it on the test server, it loaded, but when I go to the laboratory, I can not enter the place, and the coordinates when I teleport to them, they are under the floor, and the doors do not work to open or close.