[Release] vRP_Discord

I tried to make the best script for Discord Stats because many big servers own this script, and it seems like I did manage to say. It’s unique because not everyone has it like mine. So enjoy the script and do not forget to like the script.



Update Log
v 1.5

  • Fixed “Cloudn’t load resource vRP_Discord-master” error.

Display the ID
Display the Job
Display the Name
Display player stats


  1. Upload on the server ( resources folder) the script
  2. Add in server.cfg, start vRP_Discord


Cool release can you please add some pics?


Your welcome :smile:

is there a way to add vrp name and job to scoreboard with this ?

Nope, only if you recode the script from 0

Oh okay thanks :slight_smile:

does it also work for ESX based?

No it’s only for vRP

Its unique, but another big server in your contry have this from november =)

Man I made this script, if a server have this script form noiembrie ok but I said that “many big servers own it.”

Made a pull request, which takes the ingame name of the player :slight_smile:

The resource won’t load

Go on the support server!!!

The support server invite link is invalid. :confused:

Ok wait

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How Do I Set This Up

Do you have to put a link in the logo? And how does StreamForce change?

sorry my english

Use THIS tutorial.
And then edit client.lua

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How can i edit the name also photo