[Release] Voice Modes + Police speaker


This script is based on esx_voice but has more features.

  • When you press Y you see the range of talk by a circle

  • Shift + Y you change the voice range

  • Vehicles have different modes

  • Police vehicles have a speaker

Download here

I don’t have images but if someone can take some and send.

Leave a like if you liked it :snail:


Sounds cool.

How does vehicle voice works? Inside the vehicle only?


Very cool. What difference is between vehicle modes and not in vehicle modes


@guy293 Do you have screenshot?


Taking two scripts, making them one is not scripting dude.


I basically took esx_voice and edited it to how i want it to be.
The circle thing i got inspired from familyRP


Sadly, No


Both. There are couple mods for it.




I wouldn’t suggest having the copyright stuff at the top if you didn’t make it all.


I’m usual to copyright my scripts.
You are right, i will fix it today.