[Release] Voice GPS (Spoken GPS Directions) [WITH ROAD NAMES]

You would have to edit a line of code, but I get errors no matter what I try. Also, some dependencies that are set up are wrong and I needed to edit them with an available one.

But it is actually supposed to be as simple as changing a word from true to false and then selecting a few things from dropdowns, then clicking build.

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I would I go about doing that. None of the files have any command in them of that sort, and searching what an on build command is and how to delete them did not give me any further information on my issue. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sorry for any trouble, I just have a basic understanding of Visual C#, and it doesn’t help that my experience is from outside FiveM as well.

how do i edit the files?
do i need a different program ?

Yes, you would. I personally use Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community for it’s ease of use. You will have to download the source code from the GitHub.

You will then have to open the .stl file under the src folder. The setting is in the Client assembly.

how do i save it to upload to server?

I’ll create a config file later to edit for the keybindings

:slight_smile: Thanks.

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in that config can you add to remove the welcome message?

Can you please remove the messages at the startup of the script? :slight_smile: Would help me alot! :smiley:

not sure if this was answered before but there was a conflict with keybinds for B key controller, wasz there a fix for this ?

@Candice_P @mattHuey @CryoProtectant

I just pushed a fix for the ‘B’ on controllers to the GitHub.


Thank you :slight_smile:
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thanks awsome work

But im deaf?

Alright, even just playing around with it on my localhost, this is kinda cool.

Would love to see a config for turning down the volume.

Great work!

you sould add the " you have arrived to your location"
anyway, amazing script and I love it!

were you able to have it removed?

Hello everyone, I would like the voice to activate automatically when the player connects. It’s possible ? Thanks

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