[Release] Voice GPS (Spoken GPS Directions) [WITH ROAD NAMES]



An option to change key would be amazing


There is in the code. It has to be rebuilt tho


when will the rc thing be removed?


It should have been done now


thanks ill try it out ( im a failure too)


this is it?


works great thankss boss


Ahh I tried to mess about with visual basic I couldn’t figure that out lol. But I mean an ability for the common folk like me to be able to change it. Like a from a config or something


It should be C#, not Visual Basic :wink:


Thought I had to compile it with vb or something. I’ll look at it again. Just wanna change the key lol


This might be really annoying in-game but it is funny and one of the best concepts I have seen.


I can try to make a config file, but I don’t know how I would do it :smile:


Wonderful script! Been using it in our community for a while now and it didn’t fail us once.

Keep up the good work! :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much! <3




Thanks! Can I stick this in the original post as an updated trailer?


yea sure


Is there any way you can upload a version without a keybind, as the controller keybind is the same as blipping sirens (B on Xbox controller)?

Also, when trying to build it in Visual Studio, I get back the error of error MSB3073: The command "del /f "..\..\_resource\voicegps\VoiceGPS_FiveM.Server.net.pdb"" exited with code 1.


Delete the on build commands


Yes I would like for it to only be enabled with /vgps
how do i edit?