[Release] Voice GPS (Spoken GPS Directions) [WITH ROAD NAMES]



Any way to disable this? This is a really nice resource but does clog up chat quite a bit on clientside.


It is not playing sound at all… anyone having the same issue?


Whoops! That was a debug statement left in while helping someone test the script. I’ve removed it now.


This seems to be an isolated issue. Perhaps myself, @plummeq and you could discuss this further.


The NUI js is awfully familiar (comments + layout) to an unreleased gps resource that did the exact same thing by Blumlaut but then in Lua. Logic also awfully similar.

I don’t want to start an argument, it’s fine as is.


I took the NUI JS from a public PlaySound resource on the FiveM forums.

The logic kinda has to be similar if they’re doing the same thing.

I’d love to see the code that was behind @Blumlaut’s version to see if there’s anything I can do to improve the code.


i can understand @d0p3t’s suspicion here, the code does look very familair

here is the code, in any case, i also recommend looking at my Pull Request on the Natives Repository, i updated the GenerateDirectionsToCoord Documentation there to be (more) accurate


That NUI is reeeally similar. I took it from here [Release] Play Custom Sounds for Interactions (I literally just added the missing MIT license for that HTML file as the MIT license requires.)

Just read through the Lua script and can now 100% understand where @d0p3t was coming from. I still stick by the fact that I haven’t ever seen this code before. Now I’m just wondering why you never released it!


Thx for using my german translation. But why my posting is delete? hm whatever, perfekt script

Its maybe possible that we can use a “Key” vor starting? BUT WHEN please let USE CHOOSE like in a extra config.file please!


I have just added this (go to the GitHub releases page to get the latest version) and it is set to F10. I will make a config file soon.


I’m curious as to how I’d get the coords of the next turn…


Perfect! Happy Halloween!


I see there’s been a few updates. I’ll try it again later when I’m home from work. Super keen on this. I’ll let u know if it’s working for me later


Great Scripts, put in startup but doesnt work unless I go in and manually stop and start the script Thanks for the awesome work look forward to the development on this


I think there’s an issue with the script needing to be restarted when a player joins. I’ll look into the problem.

EDIT: I committed a patch to a new branch. If someone could test the script (from server launch, not (re)starting the resource) I’d really appreciate it as I’m out at the moment.


it was never up to the coding standard that i wanted it, i hoped someone else in the community discord would continue it but not much ever came of it.


Do I have to compile the cs into the dll myself to test it? Happy to do it when its in the resource part but I have no idea when it comes down to dll files lol.


You can simply open the solution in Visual Studio and compile it. I think the author has not provided the CitizenFX.Core.dll libraries for the client and server so you will need to get them yourself and add them as a reference (delete the old one indicated by a warning sign in References).

Right click References -> Add Reference -> Browse to the library location

The client side one you can find in your FiveM Application Data (under citizen/clr2/lib or something similar). Server side the same, but this time in a server artifact.


I’ll compile it in about 10-12 hrs time, when I get back home.


There’s a community discord?!?!?