[Release] Voice GPS (Spoken GPS Directions) [WITH ROAD NAMES]



soooo cool



Pretty sure you took this off discord…


That’s really odd. /vgpsvol isn’t implemented yet (will be used to adjust volume).

Is it being loaded in your server console?


Pretty sure I didn’t because I made it myself. This is the only release of something like this for FiveM.

I have all the source code on my PC.


On my PC. (see https://github.com/davwheat/FiveM-VoiceGPS-Releases/issues/1 for my reasoning behind closed source).



As mentioned by Blumlaut, where is the source code?

The FiveM forums does not allow for obfuscated or closed source releases. Please also commit your source code to the Github repository.


I’ve added the source now



works 100% if you have trouble like I did just restart the resource


Yea it’s loading up fine.

Or is this not ok?

I see you have updated it though. Will try this and report back :slight_smile:

Tested the updated version still the same for me. The notification still comes up but that’s all.


I believe you are setting the players ped only when the script first starts, so you will have to restart the script everytime someone joins. I’m not the best at C# tho so not sure.


Yes I have



It would be pretty awesome to use a text-to-speech API and have the GPS tell you to turn onto the street name using GET_STREET_NAME_AT_COORD


Very nice resource. Nice to see something original. Good job.


I’ll burst your bubble. This is a lua -> C# translated resource so not original :rofl:. It was decided to keep this listed as the original isn’t on the forum.


Y u gotta just make me sad?


That code is run on the client itself. Every time a client loads it will set it to its own ped.


I don’t believe this was… I haven’t taken any code from anywhere except from FiveM natives.


That would actually be possible, too. I’ll look into that.


Added to the main post!