[Release] Voice GPS (Spoken GPS Directions) [WITH ROAD NAMES]




This is a release of a script I've been working on for the past few days.

This script reads out GPS directions to the player (if they have enabled it).


Download & Source

Download URL: https://github.com/davwheat/VoiceGPS-FiveM/releases/latest

Known bugs

Please report any bugs on the official GitHub repo here: https://github.com/davwheat/VoiceGPS-FiveM/issues

Also ensure that the bug you’re encountering IS NOT already there.


Install by replacing the `html/audio` folder.

Translations have been moved to GitHub.

Next steps

  • Customisable volume
  • Multiple voices (British, etc.) Replace the audio folder in the html directory with your custom sounds.
  • Translations (German, Italian, Polish, Russian, etc.) Community dependant!
  • Higher accuracy (not really possible)
  • Ping online TTS server to speak road names or provide audio for every road name

Release Notes

See GitHub: https://github.com/davwheat/VoiceGPS-FiveM/releases


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I know right (20 chars)

EDIT: Video up and processed


What if I don’t know my left and rights?


begin sarcasm

I’ll add a custom feature that flashes a massive neon-green arrow in the direction you need to turn.

end sarcasm


Will support other languages when speaking the direction


You can supply custom audio files in the html/audio folder with your own sounds (which can be recorded in another language).


It’s so hard to create something original anymore, so this is fantastic. I’ll be watching to see what updates come.


I really appreciate that, bearing in mind this is my first script. I took inspiration from a GTA V mod called Waze Navigation. The annoying thing was that they hadn’t released the source code for it so I had to do it all from scratch.

Being just 14 years old it’s really nice to learn that others can benefit from my work.

My next steps are customisable volume (not working as of current release), multiple voices and (official) audio translations.


google some GPS voices. Maybe they can be useful LOL


Right now, I made my own using Google’s WaveNet (https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/).

I found it was fairly realistic.

Doing that also lets me easily update the wording, or change to different voices/accents/etc.


ahahaha awesome release man! <3
Love the ide <3 Keep up the good work


Actually love the idea of this and its some nice original work!

Great job


Amazing work.



So I put it in my server but for some reason the voice thing will not work. It has started in the server though.


XD then you will search on google what is left? and what is rigth?


Have you typed /vgps in chat?


where is the source code? :frowning:


I have this same issue. I redacted my earlier comment thinking thats what i had missed. But no i tried that and /vgpsvol but both didnt work. I mean the notification popped up and everything but no sound


This is nice!!! :smiley: Keep up the good work!