[Release] VK_Loadingscreen | Configurable and modular loadinscreen

Hello everyone,

I’m Piter Van Rujpen, a belgian developer. Today I’m releasing my loading screen that I made for my server. I made it modular and configurable for you guys, so you don’t spent too much time modifying it, you can almost configure everything.

Screenshot of the loadingscreen

What is special with this script ?
This script is modular and configurable without modifying the HTML and CSS. JavaScript handles everything for you, from to logo to even the color of the page. You can show or hide container, you can choose to put a music or not, there are 24 options to configure. You can translate it easily. It even shows the players count of your server on the loading screen !

How to install it ?
Seriously ? Just copy the vk_loadingscreen folder to your resources folder and add start vk_loadingscreen to your server.cfg.

How to configure it ?
There’s a file named config.js. You juste have to modify this one, don’t touch the other ones. And if you mess up the config.js just copy the content of base_config.js to config.js to reset the configuration. Don’t that if you add files to the resource folder, you have to add them to __resource.lua

Download link


Looks Nice! Keep it up!

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Looks nice! I will give this a try in a little while!

Nice work!

Keep it up.

it says could not load resource vk_loadingscreen Please help

did you start it in .cfg? where you put it in your file.cfg? which line?

  1. put the folder in your resource
  2. start VK_Loadingscreen in you file.cfg
  3. restart the server and be happy

@kheire007 I named it “vk_loadingscreen” and yes i put it in the server.cfg and i put it just in the middle of the start resources please talk to me on discord Thank You - Zack K.

@TheGamerRespow This IS A GREAT SCRIPT but it does not work please help em and talk to me on discord - Zack K.#4186

What isn’t working?

I put everything in the right place and i added it to the server.cfg but it said could not load resource vk_loadingscreen

Try to delete the cache folder

Loaded it correctly, everything works perfectly expect one thing. I even used your original music, “Post Malone - Go Flex”

Upon loading, it restarts the song half way, any explanation how why and how to fix?

Yes, that’s weird, I also notify that. I will fix that soon :wink:

hey! thank you for that nice mod!
but, my logo dont want loading. I placed the logo in icon, it is png (with a clean background). What am I doing wrong?


Can where help me? http://prntscr.com/ihdygn

Delete your cache.
Restart vk_loadingscreen in rcon.
Set vk_loadingscreen ontop in server.cfg

Text me back, if it didn’t work.

It´s work i move the two folder in the resource folder and it´s work after thx

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How do i delete the big watermark in the middle of the screen? im changeing it in notepad++

You mean the “Vulkanoa” logo ? If that’s case, just read the config.js


Go into: config.js and change the name of the watermark, and upload your image to the img folder.