[Release] vGear v1.2 | Simple gear on (re)spawn/button press


But you’re already passing in the hashes, why would you want to convert hashes? you can just use them in the functions directly, even the weapon model names would probably work too.

I see what you mean, it can probably be improved, though I’ll probably take a completely different approach instead next time if I decide to ever redo this.


Hey cool script! i got a question tho.
How do i add a new loadout or change the command from /loadout to something else?


if you read the info in the post, it clearly shows a ‘config’ option to do this:

local LoadoutCommand = "loadout"        -- The command that equips the loadout. (Default: "loadout")

atm, you can only edit the 1 that’s in there, though you can add more by copy pasting code.


Possible to add permission level required to use command? :slight_smile:


Yes, you’ll have to create that in a server script file.


Update 17-12-2018

I will no longer be maintaining/supporting this resource. The GitHub repo has been archived. Fork it if you want to update it yourself.