[Release] Vehicle Clean Up (UPDATED v2)


Yeah it’s a somewhat weird behaviour. Sometimes it cleans up all the cars, sometimes only the ones spawned by natives and sometimes not at all. That’s still a better solution than the old version of my script though.


It would be nice if there could be a feature to do /delv or /delveh like how it is on HSG so I can remove them manually as well.


Why are you doing this in a loop? it’s only required to set it once per vehicle, preferably after just spawning it.


Yeah, but there’s no other way to check if the player is in a vehicle other than constantly looping and checking if the player is in a vehicle. (Or maybe there is?)


Set it on vehicle spawn? constantly loop while in no car, when the state changes, set current tick count in a variable outside the loop, and check to not repeat it until stored tickcount s bigger than 10000 ticks or something?


I’ve had this on my server for a while, but never seems to clean up anything?


Thanks you so much for this scammer :slight_smile:


Scammer, this seems to cause the showroom functionality of freeroam to break (spawned in cars do not get deleted). Is there any way to implement while taking that into account?


my server is also always full that I see a ton of cars empty or crashed when I drive around especially on downtown does this script help that out?


Many thanks! good work


This still functions as intended? Or no?

A bit tired of having to run around and DV vehicles from a player who didn’t like the color sarcasm