[Release] vBasic v4.1 | Basic server settings/configuration



@Hyperz-SOSA I sure am :slight_smile:


Awesome, I have a few Ideas, Could be extremely difficult or basically impossible… :slight_smile:

  1. Disable player blips (probably impossible… :smiley: )
  2. Possible Working queue system with reserved slots
  3. A possible GUI So some options like crowd and traffic can be controlled through a menu?
  4. Time and weather sync - Changeable.

Just a few things I came up, may take u forever, or its impossible xD

Should keep u busy :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep on dreaming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I believe @Bluethefurry was working on something like that on his EasyAdmin resource.


How many ACL features are supposed to be copied into this resource?! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll see what I can do.


tbh we all need 1 resource which has a lot of things rathre than many different scipts


I’m working on something like that, but it’s really far from ready for alpha testing. It’ll have a shit ton of options to configure.


A collective of top script makers would be nice. Everyone working on one big project rather than their own scripts and having people request the same thing for each different script.


If I remember correctly, ACL sync their time and weather and you could change the weather and time only with a command(I’m using a trainer), that is one of the reasons why I didn’t use ACL. (I did try to send a heartbeat to the server, but did/n’t work only 50% (give or take) of the time.

However, if its possible to adjust the time/weather and have a sync for it by using a trainer, that would be great!

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The problem with this is the trainers would have to be re-written to use a feature like ACL. To solve this you could make a new trainer but why would you make a trainer JUST for changing the time and weather… You’re going to have to bind it to some button and only having two options when pressing that button isn’t really worth it considering there aren’t that many different buttons to choose from that aren’t used by something else.


Hmm… I see.
Well thank you for clarifying that. Will be waiting on a updated version.


how to change wheather to xmas permanently ?


I haven’t added that stuff yet but I will in the next version (using /weather and a convar which allows you to select a default permanent weather type). I’ll make sure that if you set it to xmas it will also enable less grip for all vehicles and show foot and vehicle tracks/trails in the snow.

It’s been made into a separate resource, click here.


Can somebody help?

Whitelist is on

but i have trouble add more peolpe add the whitelist

local whitelist = GetConvar(‘vb_whitelist’, “;ip:”) if add somebody it works what to do to add more peolpe?


You should not modify any of the resource files at all. Use convars instead.

In your server.cfg file add this before you start the resource:
set vb_whitelist "steam:110000105959047;license:0546489720234464684;ip:"
Just put all identifiers in there that you want, separating them with a ;


But i only use ip adress?


Then set it to something like this:

set vb_whitelist "ip:<ipOfUser1>;ip:<ipOfUser2>;ip:<ipOfUser3>"


It only works now when i set it in vBasic_server


show me your server.cfg file

Edit: solved in PM’s.


Do you think you could add a feature to enable/disable time and weather sync? It’s great to have a resource with so many features in one.


yeah I’m working on something like that. Next update should have those options.


It seems this breaks respawning for me. Whenever i add it in vanilla. Upon respawn, you cant drive cars, use weapon wheel, etc. Any idea why?