[Release] vBasic v4.1 | Basic server settings/configuration

show me your server.cfg file

Edit: solved in PM’s.


Do you think you could add a feature to enable/disable time and weather sync? It’s great to have a resource with so many features in one.


yeah I’m working on something like that. Next update should have those options.


It seems this breaks respawning for me. Whenever i add it in vanilla. Upon respawn, you cant drive cars, use weapon wheel, etc. Any idea why?

Strange, I can’t reproduce that myself, do you have force god mode enabled?

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Time and weather sync has been released as a separate resource.

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hello, i am very new i got on 5 min ago and just wundering how i get the link to menu ?

vBasic is not a menu, please stay on topic or create a new thread if you want to go off topic :wink:

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ok srry like i sayed i am new but fk this site i already got modz for gta v and FiveM
so no need but thanks any way lol

@Vespura look down :arrow_down:

@Vespura i mean up :arrow_up:

hello when i put in my ip for the whitelist it lets everyone join can you help me where do i put my ip

@cp_ta can you show me your server.cfg file? Maybe you’ve made an error while setting the convars. You can PM it to me if that’s what you prefer.

ok here you go

i bet i did it totally wrong xD

The convars look fine to me, but try setting them before starting the resource.

Edit: are you even starting the resource in the first place? I don’t see start vBasic anywhere actually.

its whitelistdb it works but when i put my ip in it whitelists everyone

You’re right. I know what the issue is, the way my code works is it checks all the user’s identifiers instead of the real user’s IP, meaning if the server is configured with sv_endpointPrivacy true your identifier ip will be set to meaning everyone can join…

I’ll have to fix this later, for now you’re probably best off using your license or your steam id.
I don’t know exactly when I’ll have the time to remake that but it’ll hopefully be some time next week.

alright thank you ill tell you if i get luck through steamid

Thank you

oh yeah btw do you have a discord or