[Release] vAnnouncer v2.1 (09-Oct-2017)


Yesterday it didnt work the whole day. I planned to work on it today. Get on, it works. I didnt post anything, as it just broke itself for a day. i was almost sure something was interfering but i have no idea how it fixed itself.


Seems to be sending double msgs for me. Any ideas?


Is this using v1.3 or the latest v2.0?


I’m using the latest ver.


Wait gonna check it again fresh download. Might be an older ver.


vAnnouncer v2.0 (Update 08-Oct-2017)


  • Completely re-coded from scratch.
  • Improved message load time on initial join A LOT (now almost instant).
  • Removed/reworked unnecessary code.
  • Improved performance by reducing unnecessary checks.
  • Reduced server script load by moving some stuff to the client and also reducing the amount of unnecessary delays and server event calls.
  • Moved the /automessage command from the server to the client.
  • Added better (client) console messages to debug any future issues that may arise.
  • You no longer need to re-spawn/die/rejoin when you make changes to the settings, just restart the plugin and the changes will take affect instantly for everyone.
  • A few other stuff has changed which I probably forgot to mention here.

Download link: click me


Works like a charm thanks. Was not using the latest ver :wink:


Probably because I only just released it 1 minute after you posted about the issue you were having :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahh dam lol thanks man for all the hardwork. Love it :slight_smile:


– Player identifiers on this list will not receive any messages.
– Simply remove all identifiers if you don’t want an ignore list.
m.ignorelist = {

I still get msgs. Do I need to do something else?


No matter if I use steam id, Ip or License nothing happens.


I’ll double check it when I’ve got time.


I fixed the issue, check the GitHub page for the latest version.


Thank you very much.


For some reason, im using the newest one v2.1 and i cant get it to post anything, ive reinstalled it several times, and even downgraded to 1.3 to see if it was that… could i get someone to help me with it?


Hey Vespura could you make something for messages for server restarts?


disregard message, misunderstood topic


Those commands are not related to this resource, please ask in the original resource topic.


If I do more than 9 messages, the script won’t load. I get

error parsing script va_client.lua in resource vannouncer: va_client.lua:25: ‘}’ expected (to close ‘{’ at line 15)

As long as my last message is at line 24, it loads and works as expected.

figured it out, missing a comma


What are the colors of ^0 to ^9?