[Release] vAnnouncer v2.1 (09-Oct-2017)


vAnnouncer v2.1

Update 17-12-2018

I will no longer be maintaining/supporting this resource. The GitHub repo has been archived. Fork it if you want to update it yourself.


A simple script that sends one of the (unlimited) configurable messages to the player, every x minutes.


  • Unlimited configurable messages.
  • Configurable delay between messages.
  • Ingore list to disable the automessages for certain people.
  • /automessage command that toggles automessages on/off.
  • Prefix and suffix options.


- Put the vannouncer folder from the download in your resources folder.
- Add " start vannouncer " to your server.cfg file.
- Open the va_client.lua file and configure the options at the top of the file.
- Restart your server!


Latest version:

Older versions:
vAnnouncer v1.3.zip (2.1 KB)
vAnnouncer v1.2.zip (2.0 KB) NOT recommended, contains a bug. Use v1.1 or v1.3 instead!
vAnnouncer v1.1.zip (1.1 KB)
vAnnouncer V1.0.zip (1.0 KB)


Messages in chat



  • v2.1 (Hotfix 09-10-2017)
    Fixes ignore list not working as intended.

  • v2.0 (08-10-2017)
    Completely re-coded from scratch, which improved performance and made it more reliable.
    For a complete list of changes, visit the download link.

  • v1.3
    (Hopefully) fixed a bug where on first join the player’s server identifier would not be passed on correctly, resulting in an error message in the server log. This also prevented the ignore list from functioning until the player died/respawned.
    I’m not 100% sure that the issue is fixed completely, if you still experience issues please let me know and I’ll keep trying to fix it asap.

  • v1.2
    + Added an ignore list. You can now add player identifiers (steam, ip, license, etc) to an ignore list which disables automessages for those players.
    + Added /automessage command to toggle automessages on or off.

  • v1.1
    + Added prefix option.
    + Added suffix option.
    ~ Changed the default config messages to show the prefix and suffix options.
    ~ Updated screenshots in this topic to match the newest version.

  • v1.0
    Initial release.

Planned features

  • Ignore list (player identifiers on this list will not receive the auto messages). Added in v1.2
  • Any other suggestions? Leave them below.

Known bugs

If you have a custom chat resource, the commands may not work correctly. In that case use the server console instead, or preferably switch back to the regular FiveM chat!

Support discord

Send Announcement Every [blank] minutes
Message every 5 minutes?
[ISO] Looking for a script that sends chat messages
Does anybody knows where I can get the auto message bot?

You got any screenshots? :smiley:


Added them below the download. You can style each message to your liking using the ^0-^9 color codes.


Works like a dream on FXServer. Thanks for this script :slight_smile:


More for clarity sake than anything, but an auto-prefix before each announcement would be nice. :slight_smile:


Sure thing, totally forgot about that. Will add that in the next version.


No problem, just figured it’d be something others would like to see as well.


Released update v1.1
This update contains two small additions and one small change. See the changelog in my first post.


looks great! Gonna have to give it a try soon, thanks!


Update v1.2:
Contains a new command to toggle the automessages on/off. Also contains a ignore list so you can specify people who shouldn’t receive the messages.


Getting this error since v1.2 release :S



@Craven456 Will take a look at it tomorrow, don’t have time right now.

EDIT: I’ve just tried it and it seems that the error only appears on first join. After a respawn and reload of the resource it doesn’t happen again. This seems to be a bug on FxServer’s side. Got a workaround though so I’ll upload the fix soon.

EDIT EDIT: Released a patch (hopefully).


Need help here !


Did you try to use the automessage command from the console? Because that won’t work, you can only use it as a player because all messages are handled on the client side.


I have 2 questions.

  1. Does it display a message when you join the server?
  2. Does it rotate between different messages every x amount of time or display them all at once?


This should answer both of those questions:


Do you have discord?

The script isn’t working for me. Did everything correctly on localhost and it won’t work.


Same, I’m confused so


I’ll test the plugin on a fresh server to see if it still works for me, I’ll report back to you when I’ve finished testing.

EDIT: I’ve just tested it on a fresh server and it works fine for me. Note that when you edit the settings/messages without restarting or re-joining the server, you’ll have to re-spawn once in-game (either by dying or using /restart fivem) before you’ll get the announcements again. Also note that it may take up to 15 seconds (after joining/re-spawning) before the first message is sent.

Are you sure you’re not on the ‘ignore list’?


I’m not on the ignore list. I sent you a PM on Discord.