[Release] [V8] Prometheus



Thanks again for the quick response. Setting up the prometheus server was the easy part. :slight_smile:

I tried those convar values and it seems to be ignoring it. If I do it without basic auth, I still get the results? If I do it with basic auth, I still get the results. Seems to have no affect?


Set the convars before starting the resource.


Perfect! Worked like a charm.



@Hellslicer Would you be open providing the metric queries from Grafana for the demo graphs you show above? I have some but trying to work out the histogram and latencies min/max, etc.

Again, I see some of it. But I think I am getting my grafana metric queries messed up?



All (default) metrics are already listed in the topic. Moreover, you can see all of them with the /metrics route.

Example for the latencies min/max graph:


Okay, thanks again for the reply.