🔔 [RELEASE] v2: Fix holes in the map (up to After Hours)



My local residents have been falling for quite some time when they have played for a while, and they are heading up Sandy Shores / Bridge through the map. A Teleporten does not help, they have to rejoinen. Once they have done this, the “hole” will be gone and come back after a while.
This happens to all residents. What can this be please, what do I need to reinstall if necessary to fix this? Who has an idea?

This does not affect any script, this must concern FiveM, since a vanilla server also includes this. I have already rebuilt the server and replayed script for script. I am at a loss.


Good news everyone!
Update 2.0 is out and A LOT of things has been added:

  • The plugin has been totaly rewritten
  • Support for all DLC (up to The Doomsday Heist)
  • Ability to easily customize story mode and online purchasable interiors
  • You can still use it as it is if you want ipl and interiors to be loaded, the plugin sets a default style for each ones

Check the wiki to have detailed use of each interior: Wiki

Some interiors and features are still missing (a few) but I’m working on it :slight_smile:

It really was a lot of work, so if you have some issues with the plugin or the wiki, please tell me!

@NebelRebell: Where is this hole exactly?

-- Zancudo River (need streamed content): 86.815, 3191.649, 30.463

is still wrong. It loads the same water group. It depends on another ipl which one is loaded.

If you load TRV1_Trail_start it is grp1, if it is TRV1_Trail_Finish or TRV1_Trail_end it is grp2. I think.

grp2 changes the flow of the water due to some blocking objects in the water, which are not loaded.


@ zr0iq: I forgot to add the stream folder to the package…

I added the folder and reuploaded, can you try again and see if it works well now?


I am using my own ipl manager. That is not even based on this work (but on rockstars decompiled scripts). I was just pointing out a long-term error. I do not need streamed content for it. Maybe it is case sensitive?

Try requesting CS3_05_water_grp1 without streamed content.


Nice release, thank you :slight_smile:


You’re right, these IPLs were overlaping! And streamed files aren’t needed anymore.
Loading IPLs doesn’t seems to be case sensitive.

I removed grp2 and added TRV1_Trail_start since the trailer was missing too.

Thanks for pointing that out! :slight_smile:


Added support for biker gang and CEO organization name! :grin:

You can pin your own missions on the wall (up to 3 missions. Left, middle and right):

You can also set members pictures:

And of course, writing the name of the gang on the blackboard

For the offices, the name will be shown at the desk:

Also, I removed the mod shop from Lom Bank garage since it it overlapping with the CEO office but it can still be enabled manually of course.

Thanks to @throwarray for helping with render targets!


hi, any tutorial for doing this ?


Of course!

Each pages of the wiki ends with a complete example :wink:
Finance & Felony: Organization
Bikers: Creating a gang


thank you, and by the way, your script is really nice. it have really change compare to the old version. there is more configuration that we can do.


does your script exemple suppose to work without touching anything ?


Update 2.0.4

  • Fixed an issue where the clubhouse2 lower walls wouldn’t be colored on the first resource start
  • Fixed gang members names using an old format
  • Disabled the Mod shop from CEO garage 3 (ImportCEOGarage3) because it is overlaping with CEO office 3 (FinanceOffice3)

Not the examples.
According to your screenshot, the script is working well since, by default, you would have black rectangles on the wall and the blackboard.
The script removes the black rectangles but don’t show gang related stuff.

I didn’t want to force a biker gang name or emblem or anything since people might use these places for something totally different.


I copy / paste the example into the lua file and run it as a client script in the resource.lua of your script. but I have the problem mentioned above.


Well, you’re not supposed to run it from the resource itself but you should create your own resource instead.
Load bob74_ipl before your resource in the server config.


Really it’s not bad, nice script even if this bloody door of the army is always closed with this script. :stuck_out_tongue:


I find it more logical to have the gates closed by default.
But you can open them either by commenting this line in bob74_ipl/gtav/base.lua:


Or either you call:


in one of your client scripts :slight_smile:


tanx very much :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m looking for the IPLs of the nightclub update.

Does anyone know about them?

NB : Sorry for my bad english ^^


Not released into FiveM yet.