🔔 [RELEASE] v2: Fix holes in the map (up to After Hours)



where I go to find the bunker that I added?


For the exteriors, just take a look here http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/File:Gunrunning-GTAO-BunkerMap.png


I tried it, but I can’t see the garage in the tower :s


Are you sure you tried the right coordinates?

-1390.84000000, -490.74020000, 56.10000000


theres so many now which ones i turn on not to interfeer with each other ?


If you want the map without visible holes, just take the default package.

If you want to use CEO office, you’ll notice there are variations (you can customise the style of the office in GTA:O)
So you’ll have to chose only one IPL per office.

In example:
I want the “Arcadius Business Centre” office with the style “Executive Cool”:

-- RequestIpl("ex_dt1_02_office_02b")	-- Executive Rich
RequestIpl("ex_dt1_02_office_02c")	-- Executive Cool
-- RequestIpl("ex_dt1_02_office_02a")	-- Executive Contrast
-- RequestIpl("ex_dt1_02_office_01a")	-- Old Spice Warm
-- RequestIpl("ex_dt1_02_office_01b")	-- Old Spice Classical
-- RequestIpl("ex_dt1_02_office_01c")	-- Old Spice Vintage
-- RequestIpl("ex_dt1_02_office_03a")	-- Power Broker Ice
-- RequestIpl("ex_dt1_02_office_03b")	-- Power Broker Conservative
-- RequestIpl("ex_dt1_02_office_03c")	-- Power Broker Polished

Same routine goes for import/export garages (but they are buggy) and penthouses.

Remember the goal here is to fix the map by filling the holes with the correct IPLs.
Optional IPLs have to be used at user’s discretion.


How do you find the name of IPL ?


Internet or .ymap files in GTA archives.


Thanks, because I think, there are buggy because, on multiplayer, you can make different chose like ground color, etc…
If we can find the right name of object, we can use these different places


That’s what I explained just before giving the example of the CEO office.
It works the same way but some IPL doesn’t load correctly on FiveM and I don’t really know why.


I want this for my futur script :confused:


cuz of missing objects most likely thats why there’s missing walls etc, just like the creek spots so we would have to import those in, i’ve been trying to import addon props with no luck :frowning:


Same, I tried to import the whole dlc content but it’s not enough.
I’ll look into this.


The interiors of imp/exp cars garages seems not fully loaded


Is there a version for trevors trailer which has no trash in it? There is a point in story mode of GTA which patricia lives with trevor and she cleans the whole place up i would like to have that in FiveM.



	-- Trevor: 1985.48132, 3828.76757, 32.5
	-- Trash or Tidy. Only choose one.

As said, use trevorstrailertidy instead of TrevorsTrailerTrash.


Its not 100% clean though the table is just not flipped.


You’ve only used one of these two lines, right?
You need to restart your server, restarting the resource only will keep the old IPL loaded.


The windows have some weird texture on them. How do i get rid of it?


I don’t understand.
I’ve just tried and it looks fine to me.

Are you talking about the dirt on the inner windows? I think this is like this in single player.