🔔 [RELEASE] v2: Fix holes in the map (up to After Hours)



Ok, I didn’t have the server download. Now I did. I tossed the server folder in the app data folder for FiveM as that was the only place it would work for me. I followed the instructions and ran the server. Then connected to the RP server I wanted to be in. But, still having the same issue, slow loading textures!

Please help, i’m really stuck here :frowning:


These scripts are for server owners only.
You cannot modify your client with scripts, the server needs to be modified by the server owner!


What are the bunker ipl of the new dlc ?


works perfect :slight_smile: thanks


just a heads up, tested with and without these lines, nth yankton was NOT loading without these lines…
it is now WITH these lines. not sure which other resources require them.


Dont know much about this but is there a way to load in the water near the Alamo sea, the part the just drops off onto rock?


@mikethemadkiwi: Huh? That’s not true. I’ve just tested and North Yankton is here without these lines.

@Cole0209: I’ve been trying to fix this but got no luck. I wonder if the problem really come from unloaded IPL files.


anyone have any info on those biker IPLs at the bottom of mikethemadkiwis post?


I tried them a few weeks ago and they were very buggy (missing walls, props, etc.).


gotcha! thank you. I wondered what they looked like. I’ll hold off for now.


thats because theyre missing props you need to stream those proprs that are missing


Yup, can be the problem.
But it doesn’t concern this release since it’s just meant to close the holes in the map ^^


yea and you’re still missing parts of the river by the lake in sandy there :wink:


That would be very weird if this was a missing prop but I’ll take a look for sure, it is plausible after all :slightly_smiling_face:


@GanjaMonster: You were quite right actually!
These ipl were modified by an update (I don’t see what it has modified but, well) so I’ve streamed the updated files, loaded them ingame and it seems to work!


  • Fixed the two holes in the rivers!
  • Added optional graffitis on billboards (enabled by default)
  • Opened Lost’s safehouse interior

I still don’t understand why we have this weird Liberty statue instead of the building here http://imgur.com/a/Wf2su

Edit: @h0ldhaven the lost’s safehouse door is now open :wink:


lmao i think thats a little present NtAuthority left us xD


Small update to add optional locations.

@Galardowyn: You should be able to enable CEO offices with these optionals IPL :wink:


I have this bug :confused: http://prntscr.com/fpp9xr


Did you add the garage in the Maze bank tower ?


Yes I know, there still seems to be a lot of problems with DLC interiors content :slightly_frowning_face:

@MxWayGamer: at the end of the file : RequestIpl("imp_sm_15_cargarage_a") but it is buggy as hell.