🔔 [RELEASE] v2: Fix holes in the map (up to After Hours)



okay, so i took out OAI, and only have this script running, i know it’s working as all the water is there and other places that you don’t have to teleport into are working, now downside, if you have to teleport into the building, i don’t have an icon sitting at those buildings for people to get in and out of the buildings… i can’t think of what is blocking this…


Nothing is blocking this. It’s intentionally not included in this resource. You need to create your own teleport script.


oh… damn, well this should be fun. thanks for the info, will work on this soon


the map glitches with the new esx_vehicleshop, after browsing or buying cars it glitches


The easiest way is get VK_interiors - it creates teleports/entrances


Is the Ferris wheel an IPL? i would love to add it into my server. Also… im confused… but i would love to remove the aircraft carrier and add in Yankton… could someone assist. i added in the yankton things like ive seen… but it doesnt load and only the carrier is there.


Any way to get rid of this music in the nightclub?


Yes you can disable the sound emitters in the nightclub area. You’ll probably need to look through the decompiled scripts to find them, maybe an external tool like codewalker has an option to find them, I’m not sure.


Okay, i think i’ve found the audio zone hash value. What do I do now?


SetStaticEmitterEnabled use that to disable static emitters. It’s not the audio zones i think. but actually static emitter names:

// 0x399D2D3B33F1B8EB 0x91F72E92
// SetStaticEmitterEnabled
void SET_STATIC_EMITTER_ENABLED(char* emitterName, BOOL toggle);


Hey everyone,
does anyone have an idea which IPL is loading the Ferry wheel at the pier?
It’s gone for some reason and i can’t, for the life of me, find out what the problem is.


How to find those static emitters using codewalker?


Like I said idk if codewalker has an option for this, most likely need to look at decompiled scripts instead


I’ve been looking for this aswell, i managed to kinda solve it by making a ymap and placing the ferris wheel on my own.


Do you mind sharing the file with me?
I am like the worst at mapping.


hei_sm_22_strm_4.ymap (9.6 KB)
Its got problems, since the lod of it is borked so if you are too far away it wont show up, and im not that savvy with ymaps. but aslong as the person is near it it shows up perfect, and spins!


Some 1 can help me. i put that script in my server and the pillbox doors close, cand help me?


This is the have 2 doors 1 open another dont open


You seems to be using a custom hospital IPL.

Try unloading vanilla hospital IPL using RemoveIpl("rc12b_default") in a client script loaded after bob74_ipl.


I’m trying to fully disable some IPL like the Biker Document Forgery. If I go with your with your Wiki iI have to change this

Removing Ipls from game:

here is what is in my file.
LoadDefault = function()

But the IPL and everything is still in there. Can I completely remove everything ?