🔔 [RELEASE] v2: Fix holes in the map (up to After Hours)



As of right now, there is no code for the Dry Ice, NPC’s you will have to code yourself or find a resource allowing that. The video sequences are in the forum comments here. Will have to actually figure it out yourself. And the different light types and colors are in the wiki. Take some time and learn for yourself please. These sorts of things aren’t plug and play.


Hey thanks so much for the awesome resource! I have one issue with the meth lab. I have tried everything to enable all of the stuff that goes into it. It’s empty on my end and I have no clue why. I follow the steps in the wiki and still cant get it. Can someone please help? Thanks!


Did you try the Wiki example?

I just did and it works well :stuck_out_tongue:
The Style parameter defines if the meth lab is empty, basic or upgraded.

-- Getting the object to interact with
BikerMethLab = exports['bob74_ipl']:GetBikerMethLabObject()

-- Setting the style

-- Setting the security

-- Enabling product packages
BikerMethLab.Details.Enable(BikerMethLab.Details.production, true)
-- Refreshing the interior to the see the result


if i understand there is no possibility getting more then one club at the same time… cause they all share the same coords…

we have many entrance possibility but only one club possibility…

correct me if im wrong


if i understand its only one club…
i cant have the galaxy somewhere and another club at the same time…


correct, you’ll have to switch up the only interior there is.


And hide the players that aren’t in the “same club” as you.


Don’t forget to disable collision. Just note that you’ll still see doors opening because all that is still synced. There’s no (known) way to ‘instance’ players just for a specific interior.


wondering if there a way to change the ipl coords… then?


So i installed this, just like i did the other one before. But yet i can not find any of the bunker locations nor after hour clubs. Can someone help with those locations? Also how would i go by making the Fort Zancudo Gates actually move?


Check the Wiki. It has been linked and has a pretty good amount of information avaialble. The locations for the bunkers and clubs are not accessable freely. You must create a teleport point. XYZ are commented and the beginning of their respective .lua files


Can I have multiple nightclub interiors with different styles?


Take a look just a few comments above yours :wink: :


Anybody been able to get the dry ice smoke to work?


Oh I’m sorry, but I still dont know how to do it. :confused:


well the answer is you can’t have multiple of those nightclubs. If you want to have ‘multiple’, then you need to ‘hide’ players from each other whenever they’re in the same interior.


Oh that’s a shame.


ran into an issue, if i have open interiors installed on client side, does it conflict with this server sided mod?


I have no idea, I don’t use Open Interiors but it might conflict since we certainly enable the same interiors


@Nicholas_Ross with this resource u dont need open all interiors. Everything that OAI (i assume u talk about the SP mod that u use on a client side in fivem) is in this resource and even more - u can personalize IPLs to your likening.
Btw @Bob_74 thank you so much for all your work, the latest updates u have made are fantastic.