🔔 [RELEASE] v2: Fix holes in the map (up to After Hours)



im so sad. wikiwiki … i planned to work on my club tonight… :tired_face:
i hope it will be back soon.


So how do I go about getting into the club interiors? I see some work through spawn menus like the carrier.


if you see the afterhours lua, there is coords for the club location. You will have to make a teleport, in and out


i found the galaxy club…
but not sure about the others… what i have to do


The wiki is back online!
I will try to slow down my update steps on GitHub to avoid the spamming detection.


That’s a thing? You should see some of my constant commits. I’m surprised I haven’t been flagged before.

Glad it’s back though!


@Autwey Any plugin you recommend for creating a teleport? I saw they had the location of the club there I guess I was stupid and didn’t try to noclip in…lol


Yeah that’s so weird. I strongly suspect GitHub Desktop, do you use it?

Fortunately, GitHub is quite reactive with this kind of issue.

Here is the second email from GitHub staff I got to re-enable my account:

Hi there XXXXXXXXX (me),

Sorry for all the trouble!

We use a lot of scripts to find and hide spam, and it looks as though more than one could use some fine-tuning.

I’ve cleared that flag again now, so your account should be back to normal.

You shouldn’t see that message again, but do let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!


XXXXXXXX (GitHub staff)

So, yup, that’s a thing :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a resource on the forums here. I don’t use it because I’m using a custom made one, but try this one: [RELEASE] Simple Teleporting v1


where is that entrance ?


Tons of difference entrance spots you can choose from then set your teleport into the club.


I don’t provide any teleport to enter the interiors since everyone should be able to choose the way that fit them most.
There are some resources that will let you add teleporters, it might be the best solution for you if you don’t want to code it by yourself.


Love the update m8 good work


is there anyway to get the tv/projector to function the script that was shared for me does nothing at all it loads with no errors but does nothing at all


Yes there is, that script indeed doesn’t work because it checks for the object, but there’s no object there. You just pass the model manually and don’t set the tv audio to that entity. I’m working on an integration menu for this, it’ll be in there once that’s done.


for me tv and projector work just fine
with the code provided


Odd, there’s no object there for me (the object get function always returns 0 no matter what). Rockstar also just sets the hash manually, so I guess there’s no need to get the object ID anyway.


i have no problem with the galaxy club… but is anyone able ti give me an exemple on how to do another club from after hour please


huh? They all work the same? Just the style is different? Only thing that could be causing issues is the InteriorID, because afaik that’s hardcoded in this resource, but it actually changes in-game if you change certain interior props/styles. So then it’ll stop working.


Hello someone know how to use the droplets, activate the NPCs, the dryIce and the video sequences on the TV et DJ screens please ? Like the black Madonna, please