[Release][v2.0.1] CHEM!CAL T0Ж!N [Mod Menu][Admin Menu (incl. Bans, Kicks, Spectate...)][Outfit, Vehicles, Weapon & Settings Saving]



Because it is shit? Thought that was obvious…

I have no time to work on this rn so I can’t fix these bugs.


the TeleportPlayerToMeTitle option does not work for me > V 3.0.0


so I made it so only admins can open the menu and i put in my identifiers in the server lua and it still says in game that im not allowed to use this menu

did i do something wrong?


Really unfortunate that you do not have a little time, this modmenu is much nicer than you seemed to think and personally I chose it for my administrators, an update would probably appreciate by a lot of admin.


pretty usefull thanks bro


Hi anyone knows how to remove the admin menu message that appears when you log? I’d like that my no-admin players doesn’t see that… Thanks! Great mod btw I really like it!


Find a plugin to remove the player blips


Too many lags, FPS drops and whatsoever. not really recommended using. your FPS will decrease below 40 fps… even with high end PC.


true @Cormac, and i can show it https://gyazo.com/00862e17c4da60a741e76e22d6a2693f


I wouldn’t recommend using it either


can we remove the coordinates at the top of the map. Tanx for all :stuck_out_tongue:


is it admin only by base or can you make it so only admins+ can make it


Im running esx. Is there a way i can make it so only admins have access to this menu? Much appreciated.


How can i set that non-admins can’t spawn vehicles, guns etc.?


How to this open menu?


Has the Admin feature been removed?


Is there a permission that we can make this for admins only ??

At this menu or can i dont use this one in a roleplay? [admin]


how can I change the menu button


How do I get the admin menu to work?


where can this Uzan?