[Release][v2.0.1] CHEM!CAL T0Π–!N [Mod Menu][Admin Menu (incl. Bans, Kicks, Spectate...)][Outfit, Vehicles, Weapon & Settings Saving]



great thanks!! :slight_smile:


do i need to be in the server with the other person to get there Identifies


Just the person whose identifiers you want has to be in the server and has to press the button combination. But you have to check the RCON log.


Doesn’t work because i just copy that folder in fivem aplication . How i add that codes in F8 ?


And how i make server.cfg , i need more help if you can


Can we talk in privat and explain me how i install this mode @Flatracer ?


Is ther a option for Skin menu only? Like This whole Ped/skin menu in Player section?


This mod makes player blips show on map(all players), how do i turn them off?


@Admin Settings


weird one after a lot of teleports i.e me and my friends teleporting to the airport etc

the particleFX stop displaying

if i restart the resource they come back for a while?


How exactly do i remove player blips?


how can i set it so that the coordinates that are shown also show the decimal places too? would make my job much easier


is there a way to only make this menu available for admins only


Is it possible to disable certain menu options for clients? I want them to change their ped via this menu since it works really nice but only enable this specific menu.


The other players when pressing F5 Will the menu appear?


it is colliding with esx_voice, it is possible to remove voice radius etc. menu and functionality?


Is there a way so only admins can open the menu?


@Flatracer Do you have this in a git environment atm? Or would I have permission to do so, I can keep it private if you wish it.



Any reason why this is causing a resource warning?