[Release][v2.0.1] CHEM!CAL T0Ж!N [Mod Menu][Admin Menu (incl. Bans, Kicks, Spectate...)][Outfit, Vehicles, Weapon & Settings Saving]



Hey guys,
after discontinuing the maintaining of my Version of Scammers Scorpion Trainer, I wanted to create something new.

After checking this GUI Management out I liked it and used it as a new base to work with. Once again, thank you @MrDaGree for providing such a helpful resource.

After some time I created a new Trainer, called CHEM!CAL T0Ж!N.

It has some helpful features and also some special features I will mention further down.
Currently it is kinda in a beta phase. It is not finished now but usable.

You can find more Screenshots of the Menu here (Will be updated soon).

If you want to help me translating the Menu, check this Thread out: Click Here


Admin Menu (Add your Identifiers to the server.lua, to use the Admin Features)
  • Player Informations (Shows the Playername, his IP, his Ping, the Steam Identifier (if available) and the license Identifier)
  • Kick Player (Immediatly Kick A Player)
  • Ban Player (Bans A Player for one Hours – The duration can be changed in the server.lua)
  • Spectate Menu
    – Stop Spectating
    – Choose Player To Spectate
  • Teleport Player To You
  • Miscellaneous Options
    – Extendable Map [Toggle] (Enables/ Disables on every Client)
    – Blips & Names [Toggle] (Enables/ Disables on every Client)
    – Blips & Names (Non-Admins) [Toggle] (Enables/ Disables on every Non-Admin Client)
    – PvP [Toggle] (Enables/ Disables on every Client)
    – Scoreboard [Toggle] (Enables/ Disables on every Client)
    – Stunt Jumps [Toggle] (Enables/ Disables on every Client)
    – Voice Chat [Toggle] (Enables/ Disables on every Client)
    – Voice Chat Proximity (Changes on every Client)
    – Voice Chat Channel
  • Host Informations (Shows the current Host, his Server ID and his Client ID)

Player Menu
  • Add Armor, Heal & Wash Your Ped
  • Animations
    – S*x Acts (Six Animations)
    – Strips (Five Animations)
    – Suicide (Two Animations)
  • Change Skin
    – Female Peds
    —> 14 Female Skins
    – Male Peds
    —> 14 Male Skins
    – Player Peds
    —> MP Character (Female)
    —> MP Character (Male)
    —> Franklin
    —> Michael
    —> Trevor
  • Component Changer
    –> Customize Every Possible Part Of A Ped
  • Godmode [Toggle]
  • Infinite Stamina [Toggle]
  • Outfits
    –> 20 Outfit Slots (Saves Ped and Clothes)
  • Run Speed Multiplier
  • Scenarios
    – Various Scenarios
  • Super Jump [Toggle]
  • Suicide
  • Superman Mode [Toggle]
  • Swim Speed Multiplier
  • Wanted Level
    – Clear Wanted Level
    – Disable Wanted Level [Toggle]
    – Maximum Wanted Level Selection
    – Set Wanted Level
  • Visible [Toggle]

Vehicle Menu
  • Spawn Vehicle
    – Every Vanilla Vehicle And Some Fancy Vehicles
  • Boost On Horn [Toggle]
  • Bunny Hop [Toggle]
  • Delete
  • Doors
    – Door Selection
    – Open / Close Selected Door
    – Open All
    – Close All
    – Repair All
    – Destroy All
  • Drive On Water [Toggle]
  • Fix & Clean
  • Flip
  • F*ck Up
  • Flying Vehicle [Toggle]
  • Godmode [Toggle]
  • Gravity [Toggle]
  • Vehicle Saving
    –> 20 Vehicle Slots (Saves Vehicle, Tuning and Extras)
  • Seatbelt [Toggle]
  • Tuning / Modifying
    – Upgrade
    – Upgrade (Trailer) (Only Shows when a Trailer is attached)
    – Downgrade
    – Downgrade (Trailer) (Only Shows when a Trailer is attached)
    – Engine Power Multiplier
    – Engine Torque Multiplier
    – Los Santos Customs
    —> Every Possible Tuning Part
    – Los Santos Customs (Trailer) (Only Shows when a Trailer is attached)
    —> Every Possible Tuning Part for a Trailer
    – Bennys Motorworks
    —> Every Possible Tuning Part
    – Extras
    —> All 14 Vehicle Extra Toggles
    – Extras (Trailer) (Only Shows when a Trailer is attached)
    —> All 14 Vehicle Extra Toggles for a Trailer
    – Rainbow Vehicle [Toggle]
    – Rainbow Vehicle [Toggle] (Trailer) (Only Shows when a Trailer is attached)
  • Reduce Grip [Toggle]
  • Visible [Toggle]

Teleport Menu
  • Teleport To Waypoint
  • Teleport Into Nearest Vehicle
  • Teleport Entity - Relative
    – Teleport Forward
    – Teleport Backward
    – Teleport To The Left
    – Teleport To The Right
  • Teleport To Online Player
    – Player List
  • Interior Locations
    – Cluckin Bell Factory
    – FIB Building
    – Fort Zancudo Tower
    – IAA Building
    – Destroyed Hospital
    – Jewelry Store
    – Lester’s Factory
    – Lifeinvader
    – Maze Bank Arena
    – Prison Tower
    – Simeon’s Showroom
    – Strip Club
    – The Morgue
    – Union Deposity
  • Exterior Locations
    – Airport
    – Cannibal Camp
    – Del Perro Pier
    – FIB
    – Fort Zancudo
    – Heist Carrier
    – Heist Yacht
    – IAA
    – In The Sky (Over City)
    – Maze Bank
    – Mount Chiliad
    – North Yankton
    – O’Neil Ranch
    – O’Neil Ranch (Burnt)
    – Plane Crash
    – Prison
    – Trevor’s Airfield
    – UFO (Alien Camp)
    – UFO (Fort Zancudo)
    – UFO (Mount Chiliad)
  • Custom Location
    – Set The Coords
    – Teleport To Coords

Weapon Menu
  • Give All Weapons
  • Remove All Weapons
  • Delete Gun (Pistol) [Toggle]
  • Explosive Bullet
    – Explosive Bullet [Toggle]
    – Explosion Selection
  • Fire Ammo [Toggle]
  • Infinite Ammo & No Reload [Toggle]
  • One Shot Kill [Toggle]
  • Teleport Gun (Heavy Sniper) [Toggle]
  • Vehicle Gun (AP Pistol) [Toggle]
  • Vehicle Weapons
    – Vehicle Weapons [Toggle]
    – Ammo Selection
  • Whale Gun (Stungun) [Toggle]

World Menu (Can be disabled for Non-Admin Clients)
  • Blackout [Toggle]
  • Explode Nearest Vehicle [Toggle]
  • Jump Mode [Toggle]
  • No NPCs & Traffic [Toggle]
  • Time Menu
    – Freeze Time [Toggle]
    – Hour (Sets Hours To Selection)
    – Minute (Sets Minutes To Selection)
    – Morning
    – Midday
    – Evening
    – Midnight
  • Weather Menu
    – Set Weather To Selected Weather

Misc Menu
  • Always Parachute [Toggle]
  • Bodyguard Menu (Can be disabled for Non-Admin Clients)
    – Spawn Bodyguard
    – Delete All Bodyguards
    – Selected Bodyguard (Selects One Of The Bodyguards)
    – Delete Selected Bodyguard
  • Coords Over Map [Toggle]
  • Disable Cinematic Cam/ Button [Toggle]
  • Draw FPS [Toggle]
  • Heatvision [Toggle]
  • Hide HUD & Radar [Toggle]
  • Hide Radar [Toggle]
  • Nightvision [Toggle]
  • No Clip Mode [Toggle] (Can be disabled for Non-Clients)
  • Radio Menu
    – Mobile Radio [Toggle]
    – Skip Current Song
    – Sender To Freeze (Selection To Freeze A Radio Sender)
  • Speedometer
    – Simple Speedometer [Toggle]
    – Unit Selection

Settings Menu (Only available if the Player uses Steam)
  • Change To Outfit By Spawn [Toggle]
  • Select Outfit To Use When Spawning
  • Keep Weapons After Spawn [Toggle]
  • Menu Position - Horizontal

About Menu
  • Version Number
  • Menu Creator
  • Menu Base Creator
  • Advise If You Found A Bug
  • Link To My FiveM Forum Profile

To open the Menu with the Keyboard press the INPUT_SELECT_CHARACTER_MICHAEL, by default F5

To open the Menu with the Gamepad press RB/ R1 + X/ SQUARE.

Download: Click Here
Mirror: Click Here

VirusTotal Scan: Click Here

Check the config.lua to change some Settings.

  • [1.0.0]
    – Initial Release
  • [1.0.1]
    – Minor Bugfix and Improvement
  • [1.1.0]
    – Some Improvements
    – Removed not working Options
    – Removed the Animal Skin Menu (Causes Server Crashes - FiveM Problem)
    – Replaced the Texture Streaming with Text Drawing
    – Fixed the Problem with Linux
    – Added a config file
    – Added new Admin Options
    – Changed the Settings Saving, it saves every state of the Menu.
  • [1.1.1]
    – Linux Problem Fix
  • [2.0.0]
    – Added Stunt Jumps
    – Added Voice Chat
    – Added Voice Chat Proximity
    – Added Voice Chat Channel
    – Added IPs as a way to add Admins
    – Added the possibility to change the language
    – Added some new config options
    – Added Vehicle Saving
    – Reallocated the Component Changer and the Outfits Saving
  • [2.0.1]
    – Fixed a problem with the Player Godmode and Visibility

(How to) Install the resource
  1. Download it
  2. Extract the content of the Archive into your resource folder
  3. Add start FMODT to your server.cfg
  4. Profit
(How to) Change the language

To change the language from English to German, open the FMODT\client\language\German (Deutsch) - Folder and copy the file in there to this location: FMODT\client\language.

To change it to any other language open the language.lua - File located at FMODT\client\language and translate every string (everything between them: “”) and save the file.

If you want to, send me the file and I will add it to the thread.

(How to) Get your Identifiers

Follow this steps:

  1. Start Steam and wait until it is started completly if you want to use the steam identifier
  2. Start FiveM and join your Server where FMODT is already “installed”
  3. Press this Buttoncombination with the GAMEPAD: LB/ L1 + RB / R1 + DPAD Down + A/ X
    or this Buttoncombination with the KEYBOARD: Button for VEHICLE AIM + Button for VEHICLE SHOOT + Button for PHONE DOWN + Button for PHONE UP
  4. Check your RCON Log (server log, the CMD or Powershell Console on Windows or the Terminal on Linux)
  5. Profit!
(How to) Change the font

At first check the Image at the bottom to see the available fonts!

  1. Open the GUI.lua
  2. Search for this line: GUI.titleText = {255, 255, 255, 255, 1} (Should be at line 6)
  3. Change the one (1) at the end to a number between 0 - 7
  4. Now search for this line: GUI.optionText = {255, 255, 255, 255, 1} (Should be at line 8)
  5. Change the one (1) at the end to a number between 0 - 7
  6. Save the file
  7. Restart the Resource or the Server
  8. Profit!

I will always try to improve the Menu and clean the Code, so if you got any suggestions, feel free to comment below.


  • What?
  • Why?

Bug Report

  • What kind of a Bug?
  • How can I reproduce it?

Like! Found a bug? Any suggestion? Feel free to comment below!

[Discontinued][Release][1.1.4] Scorpion Trainer (FlatracerMODs Edition)
I am wanting to port a client side asi to a server side mod

Sweet release! Glad to see a trainer finally be released.

[REQUEST] Perma ban Script?

I Wonder if michael trevor franklin, and chop are still invisible?


Some Animals are. Micheal, Trevor and Franklin are visible but bugged. The Ped looks like it froze for other players, even when the player moves away.


What do you mean by bugged? Also, it says it couldn’t connect, some timeout with ip as far as i know, now IP in my network is like that. so… and it only happens with your trainer


is there a car save option ?


Currently not.

I wrote what I meant. The Ped looks like it froze for other players, even when the player moves away.

Weird, I never had this error. Did you try restarting the server and the client?


Yes i did, i’ll write down the exact message in a couple of minutes


Okay, so before the error it stays about 30 seconds in connecting, then times out with the message “Failed handshake to server - WinHttpReceiveResponse failed with error code ERROR_WIN_HTTP_TIMEOUT” Also, i have no internet when i run fivem, so… that may be it?


Yeah, this could be the problem. :thinking:


Well, that really ruins my day. Since i kinda dont use internet


I will try something and txt you back

Edit: @Yosef Try it with Internet again


lol what…


if you dont, be carfull with it… we all need it.


First off, thanks for the sharing, good job :slight_smile:
Could you explain where is situated the streaming part? Like how do you call the WelcomeMessage.ytd to print it?
Thanks in advance


Do you mean how I draw it?

If so, here it is:

Citizen.CreateThread(function() --Draws The Welcome Message
	local Alpha = 0; Up = true
	while true do
		if drawWelcomeMessage then
			if not HasStreamedTextureDictLoaded("WelcomeMessage") then
				RequestStreamedTextureDict("WelcomeMessage", true)
				while not HasStreamedTextureDictLoaded("WelcomeMessage") do
			_DrawRect(0.5, 0.85, 0.55, 0.1, 0, 51, 0, Alpha, 6)
			DrawSprite("WelcomeMessage", "Message", 0.5, 0.85,0.5, 0.05, 0.0, 255,255,255, Alpha)
			if Alpha < 255 and Up then
				Alpha = Alpha + 3
			elseif Alpha == 255 and Up then
				Up = false
			if Alpha > 0 and not Up then
				Alpha = Alpha - 3
			elseif Alpha == 0 and not Up then
				drawWelcomeMessage = false


Wow! Thanks you very much


You are welcome


ok I stop it now


Ill try it soon, And i’ll report back. edit: by soon i mean about 6-7 hours, not more than 1 day though (unless i forget)