[Release] txAdmin = Manager + Discord Bot + Live Console + Playerlist + AutoRestarter

txAdmin (formerly known as FXAdmin) is a full featured tool to help you Manage & Monitor your FiveM Server remotely.


Video Tutorial:

Features (updated July/2019):

  • Start/Stop/Restart your server instance or resources
  • Access control via multiple credentials and action logging
  • Discord integration (/status and configurable commands)
  • Monitor server’s CPU/RAM consumption
  • Real-time playerlist with ping + steam-linked accounts (when available)
  • Kick or send direct messages to players
  • Windows and Linux support!
  • OneSync Support (more than 32 slots server)
  • RCON-less Live Console!
  • Auto Restart on failure detection or schedule
  • Password brute-force protection
  • FXServer process priority setter
  • Hitch Detection
  • Player count history chart
  • New settings page
  • Save console to file
  • Restart warning announcements
  • Admin Management system
  • Permissions system
  • HTTPS/SSL Support
  • Translation Support (English, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, German + custom)

Planned features:

  • Automatically clean the cache folder (you shouldn’t be doing that)
  • Custom cfx commands
  • FXServer build automatic download&upgrade / version selection

Post below which features you want more, this will help me prioritize the TODO list.

Download the Latest version and Installation instructions:

This project is Open Source and will require the help of the community to keep growing. Pull Requests and other repository contributions are welcomed.


Looks noice! :+1:

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This is a promising release, well!

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This looks good cant wait to test it you did a good job on it

looks promising, specially the restart/auto-restart features, will use for sure

Fingers crossed linux compatibility actually happens, it looks like a fantastic solution to managing servers!


Linux compatibility is super easy. I just need someone to test it for me.

I’m your guy! :slight_smile:


Awesome script btw, keep up the good job!

Nice release - Hope for more features! :smiley:

I’m looking for someone to record a video-tutorial.
I would do it myself but my english is kinda too broken to make a good video.

If anyone is interested, feel free to PM me.

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yes indeed nice looking …
will wait thill the development i a bit further :slight_smile:
i saw the word linux so… :love_you_gesture:

im having trouble running it on windows using GIT.

No need to use GIT, you can download the zip.

do it buddy

Guys, if you are having putting the fxserver to run, download the latest version and run the config-tester.js.
It will help you see where the problem might be.

Good job! Probably the best release I’ve seen for a long time. Thank you!

Never got it running in linux but I’ll be giving later versions a shot.

I’m currently running it on linux, but haven’t tested anything yet. https://i.imgur.com/JsZPu8R.png

For me, it was just a shitstorm of permission-based errors causing install failure.