[RELEASE] Twitter script (Stand-alone)


For everyone searching and bagging for a standalone twitter script here you go,

I myself was struggeling to find one and when i did find one it didnt work. so i desided to make one myself.

ofcourse i didnt want to keep it for myself, but instead giving it to the community.


I hope you guys enjoy, dont forget to like. :wink:

BTW if you edit this dont put it up as a release and please credit me.


You could of removed alot of that code you just put there if you would have used the function built for commands.


could i ? sorry im new to coding LOL


Yeah. I could have made that like 5 lines.


oops. well it works so im not gonna edit before i fuck something up LMAO


Its just when you use the event handler for a chat message it is really not built for command handling anymore. Like. I use it to splice in my admin ranks to the persons name or make a local chat script with it. They made the RegisterCommand so you dont need to use the stringsplit. Plus it listens for / commands automatically…

Also I understand you want code credit. But you are gonna find alot of twitter commands similar so gonna be hard to prove they did or didnt use the one you made.


yeah your right, im just saying it so i etleast tryd to do something. and yeah like i said b4 im new to coding didnt know that. thanks for the tips tho, i will (try) remember


I will be posting code here when I get back home. It will be your choice to use it or not obv. But another flaw for your method of commands is people that have a local chat or people that have chat ranks. Your /command will show up in chat.


I will put it in I quiz

RegisterCommand("tweet", function(source, args, raw)
    local _source = source
    local name = GetPlayerName(_source)
    local message = table.concat(args, " ")
    TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', -1, "TWITTER | " .. name, { 30, 144, 255 }, message)
end, false)

You should try that. I haven’t tested it but that should work.




Habit of mine. Its my preference. All it is is just placing an argument in a variable. Usually I wouldn’t do that but when messing with the source ID I always just set it as a variable… Just like I said. A habit I started doing could easily be removed and just pass source.


Plus sometimes source gets unset and returns nil/undefined for whatever reason.


Oh :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Never experienced this. :thinking:


I started running into that when I first started. That’s one reason I started that as a habit. Better to be safe than sorry.


+1 Is very annoying sometimes.


Credit the guy that you took it from and remade it yours


i didnt take it from anyone you jalouse ?


Please stop. And no more drama also one thing you should do is remove everything that is not needed and not have 30 lines for 1 /tweet


Dude read up. I just started coding. You are starting shit again. Just leave already