[Release] TrainJob ~ Simple Job using TrainSportation


What this is:

  • Simple Cargo Train job. (Marked on Map)
  • 3 Drop off zones (Marked on Map)

What this isn’t:

  • A fully complete job that gives you money for completion.
  • Elaborate

TrainJob uses TrainSportation. It currently has a example on how to use TrainSportation outside of it’s debug spawning. It doesn’t give a reward or salary, It’s just an example. If you wish to add a reward you can, although to keep doing the job you have to spawn a new train every time to trigger the job start.


  • G = Spawn train/Unload Cargo while in Green circle/marker


  1. Goto location marked with a T(rains) on the map
  2. Enter green circle and press G (If the circle is not visible reload the resource I had this happen to me a few times…)
  3. Go to the front of the train, look at it, then Press F (Make sure it’s the drive-able part of the train, otherwise you might end up inside a trailer.)
  4. Drive to the Drop locations. At each one is a green circle. Press G to unload and move to the next.
  5. That is it currently… Hopefully this example will help.

This REQUIRES TrainSportation!

Requirement: https://github.com/LexTheGreat/TrainSportation/archive/master.zip
TrainJobs: https://github.com/LexTheGreat/TrainJob/archive/master.zip

[Release] TrainSportation ~ Drive & Be a Passenger in a train!

Thanks for sharing this job






Hi , where is ‘server/server.js’ ?


You can ignore that! Forgot to remove it from the resource file. I’ll update it later.


Good afternoon, does this job have any problems working at VRPEX? because TrainSportation works normally here, but TrainJob when stopped on its marker to spawn the train in the server logs says there is no “createTrain” in TrainSportation


Update TrainSportation!

Old version of it doesn’t export that function!


I downloaded the 2 scripts again on the site and put it on my server and the same error appears unfortunately …


The only other thing I can think of is making sure when you add the resource to add TrainSportation before maybe?..

start TrainSportation
start TrainJobs

In __resource.lua for TrainSportation there should be a line like this:

export ‘createTrain’

If not add it

That is my bad! I forgot to add that line to the git repo :dizzy_face: If you redownload TrainSportation It’s fixed now, or if you want to just add the export line above and it will work!


into trainJob _ressource.lua comment ligne 9
like this :

resource_manifest_version '44febabe-d386-4d18-afbe-5e627f4af937'
client_scripts {

server_scripts {

Error into log server site when you start. Northing existing in your repo. Maybe it’s a mistake ?

Thx for sharing


Yeah I forgot to remove that! I’ve already fixed everything in both repos!


Hello I have the same problemn am To_siq1 and I have the laster version of train spot please can you help me

and the server is vrp by duko.


Install this

Then TrainJob


so how could you add it to where you get money or add it to the job system?


same as any other delivery job, set up the waypoints and trigger payout when they arrive at the destination.