[Release] Tornado Script V2

Hello i have updated @glitchdetector Tornado Mod!

currently features:

  • Custom NativeUI Menu to spawn & Delete the tornadoes (Ace Permissions)
  • Spawns like 20-30 feet in front of you (so you can run away before you get sucked up :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Everything else that was from the original script
  • Viewable from far away!

Original Script had:

  • Picks up vehicles, peds, objects (configurable)
  • Does not produce audio.

Coming Soon

  • Tornado Sirens
  • Radar System
  • Less Lag
  • Knocks out the city power
  • Blows up the power transformers (if lightning hits it)

Currently in the works

  • Tornado Sirens 75%
  • Radar System 10%
  • Less Lag 58%
  • Power outages 95%
  • Transformer explodes on impact 2%

Feel Free to make edits, make it better, etc

Ace Permissions setup

add_ace group.admin rhys19.tornado allow

Pictures are on the github! (Not updated pics)

Permission from Glitch Detector


Link to old script: [Release] Tornado Script



Release 1.0.1 (Github) (Github Release)
Tornado_FiveM_1.0.1 (Direct Download)


Oooo, nice.

the original author discontinued his so i picked it up! note i am making it less laggy for low end pcs don’t get your hopes up :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing script! :clap:

is this synced better with others? I know the previous version some did not see it in certain parts and some it did

could have been from the proximity because you can’t see it from far away. i’ll look into that part.

How should the proximity be setup?

  • Up Close,
  • Far Away

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i’ll work on it a bit later :wink: my power is going on and off because of a severe thunder storm and hail is hitting my roof right now. i’ll probably continue it tomorrow! wish me luck :joy:

Good luck!! I will test it tonight in our server and see if people have proximity / issues seeing it while in a area of the sync is messed up and I will let ya know! Awesome job!

whats the menu button

it is /tm

weird ./tm opens but buttons dont do anything I added my ace perms

Seems to not sync with other players, i was just trying to use this on my server and i am only able to see (im the one who spawned it)

same problem

have you restarted the server or typed the ace in console? make sure you have the right permssions ex:

add_ace group.admin rhys19.tornado allow

add_principal identififer.steam:hexid group.admin


add_principal identifier.steam:hexid rhys19.tornado

i will work on fixing the sync issue tomorrow thanks for letting me know!

The tornado doesn’t spawn at all for me from the tornado menu.

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I have the same issue. No log thingy at all.

Looks great :slight_smile: Looking forward on a fix

have you tried the newest version it’s on the releases page :wink:

Error parsing script @tornado/server.lua in resource tornado: @tornado/server.lua:133: ‘)’ expected (to close ‘(’ at line 110) near ‘print’
Failed to load script server.lua.

Does not work.

Tried it on latest release, it’s not doing anything for me.

EDIT: Got it working when I deleted the versions.lua and version file; no one else can see this other than myself.

For some reason. Don’t have enough permissions. I added add_ace group.admin rhys19.tornado allow to server.cfg

Also add_principal identifier.steam:MYSTEAMTHINGY group.admin

Also give myself permission level 1 and admin level in database