[Release] Toasty's Cruise Control 1.6



This is my largest FiveM project so far, and I enjoyed making it. Toasty’s Cruise Control is a script that will allow you to mimic how cruise control works in real life. To activate cruise control press F7 (configurable in v1.5+) on the keyboard or DPAD UP and X/Square (at the same time) on a controller. Just like real life cruise control features, you can accelerate while in cruise control mode and after you have finished accelerating, cruise control will cruise at your ending speed. And, if you tap the brakes cruise control will disable.

Note: The preview video is a massively outdated and may show invalid information in comparison to newer updates.







SUPPORT: https://discord.gg/bX7uJw5


Does your plugin not have the issue of setting it on a boat? Another plugin has the same functionality however if you set it on a boat it would start flying

Gta 5 Cruise Control mod?

Yes, the boat flying issue happens with this mod.

Also to @ToastinYou

Mod issue: Hitting a vehicle or object at some speeds will not slow you down/disable cruise


Thank you for letting me know of these bugs, I will work on them ASAP :slight_smile:


Both of those issues should now be fixed. Thank you for informing me!


No problem, a couple things though, when on foot or in a vehicle it shows the Deactivated notification at all times unless above that speed of 5. Also, Hitting vehicles at 70+ MPH has a big chance of not deactivating cruise which can cause massive bugging out of vehicles haha.


Yeah, probably shouldn’t be coding while I’m tired AF… LOL
Will fix the notification thing rn, as for the cruise control being bugged during collisions the speed fix was just temporary until I can get around to figuring out collisions and such tomorrow, so tomorrow I’ll look more into that.


Gotcha, Thanks for doing all you can while tired man :slight_smile:


There, hopefully the notification bug is fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, and on that note I’m off to bed lol


Awesome script! Keep up the good work, bro!


Version 1.3 has been released!


1.3 Changelog:

  • Disabled toggling of cruise control in planes.
  • Changed cruise control toggle button from F10 to F7 due to conflicting keybinds.
  • Added more notifications.
  • “Fixed” the bug that caused cruise control to stay enabled while stationary/stuck against an object.
  • You can now longer turn on cruise control if you’re going under 20mph (most cars IRL are like this).
  • Fixed possible performance issues.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Fixed speeds not being converted to mph, causing weird m/s to mph ratio differences.


Major issue, every one MPH you go above 20 it will show a notification, so i’m sure it’s also likely enabling/disabling cruise at the same time


What do you mean? I did not encounter this in testing.


Odd stuff… seems to have sorted itself out, odd :expressionless:


Yeah, not sure. If you encounter it again just try and explain it a little better so I can understand, I can’t really make sense of the issue you were having.


After a while of testing I can say that the mod is much better now. The only real problems I have is the front wheels seem to bend/collapse inward while cruise is set, which messes with the suspension. And, cruise sometimes disables if you hit a bump the wrong way (rarely though)


Can you add a config to disable controller?


Just out of curiosity, why do you want to disable the controller keybinds of this script?


as luxart uses B for siren tone and conflicts with the cruise control. it seems just pressing B enables it


Thanks for the feedback, I’ve never noticed the wheels/suspension but will look into it. The cruise control will deactivate whenever one wheel comes up off the ground.