[Release] Terrov Series - Graphics / Visual Mod - Update 2.3



Please join discord for support.


Paleto Fix has been updated for easy installation and link has been fixed


My first graphic mod in fivem and I have to say ,im stunned .Its like real life .Recommended 10000/10 .GG


Amazing graphics mod, but I have realized that I drop a few frames while using it.


I’ve removed the advertisement for you “sponsor”. If you want to advertise a server, please use the server bazaar.


I get this error DLC count mismatch - 117 DLC mounts exist locally, but 122 are expected. Please check that you have installed all core game updates and try again.


You have to remove dlclist.xml from fivem/fivemapplicationdata/citizen/common/data


Hey, is it possible to get a texture version without any of the real life brands and ads when lightning V gets released?


It won’t be ready for Lightning V… It will be separate at some point after that update.


Everyone can try out the “LIGHTNING V” Beta. Link is located at my discord!!


Hook me up with that discord link in my DM’s please.


Its located at the top of the forum


How can I make the nights brighter?! Love the graphics MOd!


my Friend (Steam Gta5) installed this [Release] Terrov Series - Update 2.3 "The Future of FiveM Graphics" (LIGHTNING V - COMING SOON)

all ok but when start the Game this crash at the moment how loads the start menü site

error: fanta-robert-carpet
crash sig: d3d11.dll+D543C

can someone say mit this is ?


were i can disabled the spotlght ?


What is the last best working version?


Removed Discord links.


What for. It seems all you moderators do is just try to ruin peoples posts.


Rules set by elements. We enforce rules, that’s all


Rules are rules bro. Like it or lump it man.