[Release] Temporator - A configurable in-game temperature display!



Today I present to you a brand new script which has never been seen before. It prints the current temperature in-game on the screen, based on the weather and time of day. And it’s even features customization and is synced between clients. It goes great with Kymac’s “Time and Date Display” script, in addition to Kanersps’ “Basic UI” (aka es_pld) script. This was written mostly by Leaxle, one of the developers of Community-Driven Roleplay, one of my communities. I also wrote part of it. Please do not re-release it, or any modified version of it without explicit permissions.



Other Scripts Pictured

Kymac’s Time and Date Display: Forum post
aabbfive’s esx_voice: GitHub
Kanersps’ Basic UI: Forum post

Download: GitHub


Not bad at all! Definitely will use!


Interesting idea mate, thx for your work.


@HaxersAlwaysWin just saying we are not allowed to add any discord links into releases.