[Release] TaxiAdvert ~ Easy Way To Advertise Your Taxi Service!



Taxi Advert by @ToniMorton & @SimpleRP

Easy script that allows users to advertise there taxi service needs.
More scripts like this to come this week!
Watch out for christmas time!

How to use:

Add TaxiAdvert to your resources folder.

Add start TaxiAdvert to your server.cfg

Restart your server.

Type /taxi press enter.

Type your text

Screenshot 1

Version 1


Not another copy of @ToniMorton 's script but with a changed image…


I made one of these but never published it since it’s Tony’s script


But it’s still useful who don’t know code and the char images


please tell me whats wrong with it?
nothing. its useful to people cant who code one or download one?


I never said there was anything wrong with it.


so, let people edit / create scripts.
even if they have been done before, atleast people try and help the rp community?


I am just saying that, all you have done is changed 2 words and then uploaded it as your own script… If someone asked for you do do an advanced improvement or to fix a bug you might not know how to do it.


I agree with @Scott_UK




I am also aware of this and will try my hardest with my semi-good knowledge of coding to fix any bugs,


Then make your own script. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not here to argue so this is the last thing I am going to say.

I will appreciate what Toni gave me. End of discussion.


Me neither lol just appreciate whats put on your “plate”.


Hey Dudes,

is it usually possible to use it with a helicopter? I got the heli, but it will not start to “drive” need an option to fly, please.