[Release] Synced Data Container (Anti CheatEngine)





Include .dll in your resource

client_scripts {

server_scripts {

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This seems interesting!


Can you add a features list and/or what it does?


This is pretty fancy, nice work!


Check wiki page, on github.

Player 1
Client.Sync.Data.Set(1, “name”, “Test Name”);

Player 2
var name = await Client.Sync.Data.Get(1, “name”); //Result: Test Name

var name = Server.Sync.Data.Get(1, “name”); //Result: Test Name


do we have to make a ressource like “ClientServerSync” and in that folder create
a __ressource.lua with in it:
client_scripts { “ClientData.net.dll” }
server_scripts { ”ServerData.net.dll” }

or in every resource do we need to put both dll files ?


since when is it possible to use cheatengine in FIVEM


Pretty sure since forever since its a exe, you could easily do god mode, guns etc with it could probably even do money? if you knew what you were doing


Always work CheatEngine, u can replace data if u save in client (RP Server: Money, Price, Gun, Level and all data)


Im create export to LUA. Wait and im give manual today



  • Add support LUA

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  • Add locally data
  • Fix LUA bug on client side
  • Add support LocallyData on ClientSide (Lua)

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Красава ) крутой релиз )


English only on the forum, please.


Ah sorry , got it (((


Not quite sure quite how to use this. Looks like it basically compares client side variables to server side ones to ensure they match?

But how would you implement this practically? could we get some examples or even a “getting started” user guide?


Use wiki on GitHub. And this project open source.
It directly takes a variable from the server


I’ve been wanting to use this in a project that I plan on working on. I’m no expert in networking or anything, but say I have a client request 2 pieces of data from the server (or server request from client), is it possible they get mixed up and returned out of order? Or does it always return in the exact order it was requested?


idk, test it. And u can rewrite this lib


Hm… alright. I’ll run some tests on it and see. Wasn’t sure if you knew. :frowning: