[Release] Stopwatch (fixed)



Simple stopwatch resource.
Displays minutes, seconds, and hundredths of seconds.
Press F9 to start, press F9 to stop.
When you stop, it will reset the timer and put the time in your chat.
(only the time in the center and the “stopwatch:” lines in chat are this resource)

stopwatch.zip (802 Bytes)


coo coo. Not too sure what to do with this but I do like the font you are using with chat.


not working for me. havn’t taken a look at the .lua’s but yeah just a fyi.


well, this timer is kinda useless because it uses Citizen.Wait(1)

which does not wait a millisecond butinstead a frame. how much frames you have per second depends on the hardware and settings. so the timer will go alot faster for someone with high fps than for someone with low fps.

instead, you could make a nui resource and do a function based on javascript and timestamps.


This is not helpful at all. Tell me the error, if any, from console.
Additionally, this script has been tested and works fine.


Fuck, I never even thought of this. Thank you.
I’ll look into it, although nui isn’t my strong suit.


nevermind, that post wasnt for me, sorry
glad i could help