[Release] StarPursuit


Police pursuits are one of the most dangerous calls for everyone, including officers, civilians and even the suspect. So in order to grant safety to all citizens of our county i’m setting available to all of our officers and communities a system that can reduce the dangers involved in such calls. I present to you “Star Pursuit”, a GPS Tracker that is deployed from police vehicles to a fleeing vehicle, this GPS tracker updates the officer of the vehicle’s every move. This plugin is based off of a real life gadget that’s being recently deployed in some local agencies around the US called “StarChase” (More Information).

All instructions regarding how to install, deploy and track are included in the README file.

For more scripts, beta releases and more join my Discord at: http://discord.me/drwyatt
I’ll update this post every update with changelogs and links for download.

LATEST VERSION ( v1.2 ): https://goo.gl/tR1p8E


* Removed "Server"


* Outside of vehicle control
* ... (Drop suggestions in the comments, pms or on my Discord!)

Special thanks to @Nathro for suggesting this awesome plugin!


already tried it :^) and I love it!


the / commands are not working for me for some reason. they pop up in the chat


Very nice released :slight_smile: I will try it when I get home. Although I have seen starchase before on youtube so I should get the jist of it :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you tried to get a fresh install? They work for me.


Works great nice resource :slight_smile:


ill try that and see. i know the tab button works, its just the commands that aint working


nope. still nothing. idk whats goin on


Any screenshots please ?


When i try it says" ^3Couldn’t find resource starPursuit.^7"


Can you try restarting the server?


Did you try to add the resource while the server was on?


You should make an update so only whitelisted officers can use the tracker


:grinning: I mean this post is an great idea!


Would it be possible to increase the range of the tracker? Although i have my game set to KM and not Miles. When the tracker exceeds approximately 1km of range, it’ll stop following the target.


This is an outstanding resource, thank you for continued contributions to the community.


The Discord invite has expired or isn’t valid. I am having issues with deploying the tracker. I have held TAB for about a minute and still don’t get anything. Am I doing something wrong?


Are you inside a police car? It requires you to be in a police vehicle to assign a tracker to another vehicle Also here you go https://discord.gg/C3hA9t2


That might be the problem. We have addon police vehicles. Does the script go off of the class (vc_emergency) or the slot (Police2, Sheriff etc)? And I will try to add that Discord. Not currently at my computer.


The script checks for the class “VC_EMERGENCY”.