[Release] Simple Web Console


Hey I made a simple web console that reads the logs and can rcon commands.

Edit config.php with your configuration.

You need to write the server’s logs into a file to BE ABLE to read it in the console.
(Linux example ./run.sh > folder/other_folder/output.txt)

[Abandoned] Advanced FiveM Web Console

how to lunch run.sh and output.txt ?


It does not work at home


./run.sh > output.txt


link your log file in the config


how i can start this from windows ?


Only if you find a way to write the output into a file


this is the output.txt or not ?


the git’s one is just an example. You have to write your server’s logs into a file, for linux: ./run.sh > my_log_file.txt and nothing for Windows yet


$address = "193.X.X.X"; // Example - "" or "localhost"
$port = 30120; // Default - 30120
$rcon_password = "Mypassword"; // Found in citmp-server file
$log_file = "http://my-website.com/Myfolder/output.txt"; // Example - "http://my-website.com/log_1337.log"



Actually, you can output log to file in Windows. Check NLog.config in server folder.


Works only for Linux rn


No work for me :confused: print “…” in the log file


Then you are doing things wrong


arff, you can help me ?


$log_file (in config.php) should be folder/My_output_file.txt


Hello, I currently have your script,
I made all possible changes (more than a dozen times) and it always marks me in the file output.txt this:
"… … "
I have reinstalled the rcon several times and nothing changes. Could you help me? Thank you :slight_smile:


You are doing things wrong…

  1. Are you using Linux?
  2. The server and website are on the same machine?

Start your server with ./run.sh > /my/website/folder/output.txt
Use this NLog.config and change the path of the output.txt file.

Then in config.php change $logfile to your output.txt path.

That’s it.


I use Linux and my server and website is on the same machine

Nice ! It’s correct ! Thanks eVlad :slight_smile:


Hello for new maj fxserver 21/07/2017
There would be way to update the script? Thank you very much for your work