[Release] Simple Vehicle Control Script


Awesome thanks for the reply


Same over here. Also, car despawns even when it’s saved.


Here’s a temporary version without the save feature…
vehicle-control-no-save.rar (1.5 KB)


does it allow locking of the vehicle?


its just without the save feature that doesn’t even work properly


cool thanks (20 char)


Hopefully version 0.3.2 fixes the car disappearing issue. At least for when you’re driving it.


I was wondering why and what would make then disappear while driving it or even next to it XD Damn that is sad i love this scripts but cars always disappear :frowning: Does this still happen to anyone else?


So if a player is in the back of a police vehicle they can use the commands. Which is very annoying. Anyway to fix this?


Is there an ETA on this police spotlight? I’m ecstatic to see it in action.


@J.Manlet You replyed to one of my posts but I could not get a hold of you afterwards! please contact me via PM or send me your discord


I’ve installed this into my server, but whenever I type any of the commands, it gives an error saying “No such command engine” etc.

I have added to server.cfg AND cleared server cache and game cache as well. Any ideas?