[RELEASE] Simple Teleporting v2.0 | Multiple / Easy Teleport Locations



I’ve recently gotten into scripting, and am excited to release my first mod. I actually made this for a community I am a member of, and they mentioned they couldn’t find what they were looking for anywhere. This system is a very simple system for the smaller communities that have the same need, without having a developer.

This script allows you to specify 2 positions, and it will create the ability to teleport between those 2 points. All you need to do is specify the coordinates.

By default, it will create 2 spots in the middle of Alhambra.

All you have to do to customize the code is to follow the format already in the tables. Line 7 there is an example of what lines 4 and 5 are consisting of. You can add more than the 2 already created, or delete some.

Configuration Video Tutorial


Version 2.0

SimpleTP V2.0

Version 1.2

simpletp.rar (898 Bytes)

Version 1.1

simpletpv2.rar (867 Bytes)

:bell: [RELEASE] v2: Fix holes in the map (up to After Hours)

Good script works perfect on BCRP!


can you use this to tp vehicle aswell as players ??


Currently just players. I’ve not actually tested it with vehicles :thinking:


cool il add it and see lol thanks bro … nice work btw


No worries! I just tested it, it will remove the player from the vehicle and teleport just the player. I will work on a fix right now to teleport the vehicle if the player is in one.


This script would be nice for searching teleport script servers. nice :slight_smile:


Version 1.1 Released


  • Added ability to teleport with a vehicle or without. It will check, and if you are in a vehicle while inside the circle and press the specified button, it will teleport your vehicle

Thanks to @mark_buckley_bucko_g for the suggestion.


GetEntityHeightAboveGround() could help with putting the blip on the ground :wink:


Thanks! I will try to make it go to the ground by default, without having to play with the Z. Thanks for the info!


some way to add a delay?


My friend Drake made this, Good Job


You could add a Citizen.Wait after the button is pressed. So after line 37 create a new line, and add Citizen.Wait(1000) for one second. You would need to do the same thing after line 49.


You should be able to lower the blip by adjusting the xyz coords, try subtracting 1 from the Z coordinate and it should be on the floor.


Yea, I am aware, these were just for quick pictures. I suppose I should probably get some new pictures though.


Maybe add a heading also so if you TP with a car its not in a wall


can you add a check for hasPermission


That’s a good idea for a future update. I’ve never done anything with those permissions, so I will need to learn. But I’ll let you know if I ever do!


your amazing thanks man


Cool stuff. Helped me figure this out instead of searching around for it.