[RELEASE] Simple-Loading-Screen-v1.0



A simple loading screen

Step 1: Download the files.
Step 2: Go to config.js and modify data
Step 3: Create a folder name loading_screen in your server resources folder.
Step 5: Add “start loading_screen” in your server.cfg
Preview: https://i.gyazo.com/c493bef0889144ebe5706ed69372d58d.mp4

Couldn’t post in the releases forum that’s why I am posting it in the discussion.

Note: To change the default background simply replace any jpeg image with the name 'bg.jpg’
Feel free to ask any questions.


[HELP] Music on loading screen cuts off early

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Nice mate. :slight_smile:


This would be sick if you added a music feature to it! But great work :slight_smile:


You can add music I believe… just takes a little coding if Im not wrong.


Read this if you want to add background music


Would be a lot better if you added music. And people that dont know anything about coding, the link that you sent probably wont change anything! Highly recommend to add music in a future update.


Awesome. Very helpful for someone like me that doesnt know a lot about coding/scripts and just has a server for a few friends to mess around on. Thanks
And a dumb question if anyone is able to help, if I dont want any “rules” how do I get rid of the black box on the loading screen where the rules would be listed?