[Release] Simple GTA:Online Loading Screen re-make




Basically I sorta re-made the Grand Theft Auto Online loading screen. This is a purely cosmetic infinite loading screen and does not actually work alongside the actual FiveM loader. It in my opinion is pretty bad and messy. (And I did not test this fully)
I also do not provide support because there is nothing to provide support for.
So whoever wants to grab this and start working on it themselves and create something awesome, feel free to do so.

Please do not spare me and roast me about the chaos and mess.


  • Infinite loading screen (sorta, there is an automatic redirect to a 2nd page that tells you to restart FiveM because you are taking too long with loading into the server)
  • Infoboxes (sorta) that cycle.
  • Background slider.
  • Music.
  • Time-out page has a Youtube video as a background and also the ability to play music.

Demo Loading Screen
Demo Time Out (Or just wait until the song finished on the loading screen demo)


In need of Loading Screen

Looks noice, maybe this will bring some variety to server loading screens. Hopefully.


This is amazing, is it possible to modify to our liking?

edit- ignore me its html :upside_down_face:


It’s beautiful. That snail tho :stuck_out_tongue:




Man’s not hot but the lady is. 10/10 resource.


At least its a 10/10 discount code name though


:open_mouth: dis is b.e.a.u-tiful!


Looks amazing! Definitely gonna try this ^^

Keep up the good work!

  • PilleMeister


:open_mouth: me like a lot


Maybe its a fun idea for the people that use this to make something awesome to showcase us what they did with this.



The starting sound doenst work?


Yeah you’ll have to make it a .ogg instead of a .mp3.


so inside the index html i change it from mp3 to ogg?


Hi mr Skypeo, good thing but i ha one question. Dose this uptimized for vRP ?


Thats really cool :wink: but on some screens like 1440x900 its not properly scaling at all ^^
all the text is out of the screen ^^


@TeKGameR950 :wink:

@amokz So go search, learn and figure it out yourself!

@mraes Hi, izza purfect for vee ar pee.

Btw edited the download link to direct to tha actual release on github instead. :roll_eyes:


@Skypo ive try’d everything and the loading.ogg doenst start so basicly the path or the music is not correct.


This is neat! With a bit of TLC, people won’t be able to tell the difference haha
Nice work!


So has anybody figured out the audio yet? No matter what I try, nothing seems to work.