[Release] Simple enters/exits system [UPDATED v.0.2]


Hi there, mates.
This release might be useful for RP servers and whatever-genre, who using interiors.
Original idea by: @Antoine
MySql module taken from: [Essentials mode base] ([Release] EssentialMode base) by @Kanersps


This resource creates two checkpoints at coords which stored in mysql db.
There is draw distance (50 meters by default).
When player enter at checkpoint, he will be teleported to related point.
Interior (teleport) name is available. After teleporting, in right corner of the screen you can see it.
You have 5 seconds by default to leave checkpoint, otherwise you will be teleported back to the related checkpoint.

How to install

You need mysql server installed on your host or somewhere.
Place this resource in resources folder.
Change mysql login-pass in settings.lua.
Load game.sql db to your mysql server or create db and table manually.
If you going to use other db or table names, do not forget to change that names in settings.lua.
And then add this resource in your autoloadresources, of course.

How to add new interiors

For now, you have to add them manually.
Use json format like this {x,y,z,heading} in row enter and exit. Do not forget to set interior name.



Planned in 0.2:
Add ability to create interiors in game.
Add ease player ped appear/disappear


Version 0.1: [LINK] (http://rolegame.online/dl/interiors.zip) (306 KB)
Version 0.2: [LINK] (http://rolegame.online/dl/interiors_V0.2.zip) (306 KB)


You know. No credits required. Thanks for idea, mysql module and everything.
Sorry for my A1 english.

[Release] Interiors revamped (Markers warp points)
2 marker connected whit teleporter bidirectionnel
[Release][WIP] GUI menu for /loadouts

Thanks for making my life a bit easier :smiley:


ty very much i will try that soon as i can :slight_smile:


yo i almost got all interior loaded, i will release the full package soon after im done whit all those tp.
And can you make a exemple of what the file look like in the ressource and in the db plz @MarkViolla :smiley:


@MarkViolla can you help me out with this error?

Anyone, please. I can’t get this to work.


@HST, Did you change anything?
Where is this resourse placed?
Do you fill all mysql settings correct?
Does DB and table exists?pp


@HST, try ti write in settings.lua path to your essentials mysql module. requre “blabla-from-essentials”


And settings like that:

mySQL = {
host = "your_host",
db = "gta5_gamemode_essential",
inttable = "interiors",
login = "your_login",
pass = "your_pass"


@MarkViolla that would be perfect if you can make a exemple for all files because im confuse cant make it work … !


Hope it helps

Teleport player into an interior
House circle

Resource is now updated to version 0.2
Download at topic start. Old version included.


  • smooth disappearing of player (like enter house in GTA:O)
  • black screen fade in/out more ease to place player on new coords.


Awesome thanks Mark, but
Let me get this straight…
I am just adding a table in mysql for this to work?

Sorry im alittle lost of what I need the supplied sql file for. This is the part im confused about.


yes. add game.sql in your MySql and type in your login and password in settings.lua
game.sql is included. Also, you can use this code to make table with first “test” interior.

SET time_zone = "+00:00";

  `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'key id',
  `enter` text NOT NULL COMMENT 'enter coords',
  `exit` text NOT NULL COMMENT 'destination coords',
  `iname` text NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

INSERT INTO `interiors` (`id`, `enter`, `exit`, `iname`) VALUES
(1, '{-1045.888,-2751.017,21.3634,321.7075}', '{-1055.37,-2698.47,13.82,234.62}', 'first int');


if you are stiill need help, we can try remote control or something to help you.


dude i love so much right now ty for that :smiley:
and little question why do you one more coords



X,y,z plus the heading.


marker are not there and its not working i got no error at all everything is set up idk did he work for you ? :frowning:


@MarkViolla this is the error i got and everything is set up if you know wat the issu is ?


Does not work, base sql is config and no message in the console that appears “[INFO] interiors script loaded!” Need help please


Greeting you have found the error because its indicates that it is in the file s.lua has the line 9: 2.