[Release] Simple and Clean Speedometer



im probably sounding like an idiot right now, but how do i install lol


^^ You need to download ft_libs, download my script put everithing in ressource file and normaly it’s good ( I probably forget something )


Hi, I can’t get this script to run and noticed there isn’t an exact name for the “start resource” text in the readme. For server.cfg, are we supposed to use “start ftc_speedometer”?


Yes put start ft_libs and start ftc_speedometer, and you need to remove the ‘’-master’’ in each file name


Hello I have been trying to get the script to work and it will not show up I have installed ft_libs and removed master from each of the file names and have it in my server.cfg but this not working any suggestions.


Sorry, for the 4 days of wait,
Normaly it’s work, try to delete cache


go in config and change RectAlpha if you want to change the opacity of the rectangle and change SpeedAlpha if you want to change text opacity, 0 is blank, 255 is the maximum of opacity