[Release] Showme ID - Display Entity Info


I’d made this a few months back for displaying entity stats.
It’s useful when you’re making scripts and need to find model hashes or positions.


Target entity: /showme entity_id
Clear selection: /showme

Player stats are displayed bellow the map and the targeted entity stats at the top.

Because of recent hardware issues, I’m leaving this to the community.
Feel free to send a pull request or fork the repo.
Some ideas for contributions: show entity boxes, copy to clipboard…

I’ll hopefully get some better picture(s) up another time unless someone else does.

Gta 5 prop confusion

hello, first of all thank you for such great script. i am a developper and this could help alot. Maybe add next feature not only hashes, bu also the name of vehicle /object/prop. that would be great !


I’m not sure if that’s possible without a giant lookup table with all the names in it. :cry:


Thank you for releasing this, incredibly helpful tool.